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Journey Against One Current

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Table of Contents


List of Illustrations iv

Foreword v

Preface vii

Maps ix

PART I- In Preparation

  1. Saved In a Crisis 3
  2. Green Pastures 11
  3. My Vow 21
  4. Taking Root 28

PART II- Being Refined

  1. Radical Change 45
  2. God’s Discipline 55
  3. Labor to Live 65
  4. Trials 77
  5. Fine Arts Team 89
  6. Crushed and Bound 94
  7. Farewell, to the Farm 102

PART III- Back Home

  1. Reunited 113
  2. Bearing the Yoke 127
  3. Rehabilitation 135’

PART IV- Serving the Lord

  1. House Meetings 149
  2. Strange Visitors 154
  3. Youth Disciples 159
  4. Youth Meeting 171
  5. God’s Wonderful Deed 179




Map of China ix

Map of Kunming Province x

“Four Old Men” illustrations on Part Pages

Plum 1

Orchid 43

Bamboo 111

Chrysanthemum 147

Map and Photographs, following page 144

  1. A Map of City of Kunming
  2. Julia at age 30
  3. Julia’s Mother
  4. Julia’s Daughter MaoMao and her husband and granddaughter in 1965 (Newly built Zion Church in Kunming
  5. Mochou Lu Three Self Church in Nanjing where Julia was very active from 1979 to 1990. (Front entrance to Mochou Church)
  6. Julia in Spokane, 1993, Julia after graduation from Whitworth College, Spokane, WA, May 15, 1994
  7. Psalm 23 in Chinese in the background, Frank and Helen Houser visit Julia’s daughter and son-in-law in 1994 on their return to China
  8. Julia wears the badge identifying her as a professor at Nanjing University.

Format: Paperback
Journey Against One Current
The Spiritual Autobiography of a Chinese Christian
Zhi-Dao "Julie" Duan with Judith Palpant
At age 72, and after years of teaching, Julia Duan left China and returned to student life at Whitworth College, Spokane, Washington, and later at Moody Bible Institute. Her story was discovered by Linda Hunt, a writing professor at Whitworth, when she read Julia’s description of her first night in the labor camp. Touched by this chapter in Julia’s life, Linda suggested she write her entire story. She prayed and ultimately agreed to let her life “be a spectacle to the world for God’s glory.”

Since journals were not allowed in the labor camp, Julia set about writing her story from memory, first in English and then in Chinese. She squeezed writing time in between classes, studies, speaking engagements, and work.

During the last four years, Julia has been an ambassador for the believers of China participating in conferences for Chinese Christians in various cities. Her stories challenged and inspired these believers, most of whom converted to Christ after coming to America.


  • I learned from previous experience that writings describing the pain and suffering of the church in China leave readers with deep emotional burdens. I am grateful to revisit that era with Julia and see it in a new light. I found myself beginning to embrace that part of our history which I once avoided for fear of pain. Through Julia’s eyes I see the joy of experiencing God’s love more deeply and profoundly in the mist of suffering. Knowing Julia is a privilege. Her life is a testimony to God’s love and faithfulness. He provided when she was in need. He protected her when her life was endangered. He healed her sickness and bound up her wounds. He renewed her strength and put new songs in her mouth. May her stories encourage those who long to experience God’s love and tender mercies.
    G.Y. from the ForewordPortland, 1997
  • Intriguing, fascinating, stunning. It is amazing how well this narrative proves again the dictum that truth is stranger than fiction.
    Ralph W. WinterFounder, U.S. Center for Mission
  • Julia Duan’s story recalls missionary biographies of an earlier age – when serving God carried a price. Those stories bore witness to individual loyalty to God and service under pressure, sharply different from modern accounts which deal chiefly with methods. This is not a book about ‘missiology’: it is a book about God and Christ and a courageous woman. The setting is Marxist China where it was hard to stand up for Jesus.
    Donald ColeRadio Pastor, Moody Bible Institute

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  • Pages: 208
  • Publisher: William Carey Publishing
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  • Publish Year: 1997
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