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Communication in Mission (EMS 30)

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By Marcus Dean 

Part 1: Communicating the Gospel through the Language of Words and Art 

Chapter 1: Preaching between Scylla and Charybdis: Sermons and the Task of Contextualization in the Twenty-First Century  

By Jared E. Alcántara 

Chapter 2: The Character of the Incarnation in Preaching with Translators: Principles and Practices 

By John Cheong and Rochelle Scheuermann 

Chapter 3: Missions Application of Translanguaging Theory and Methodologies: Leveraging Multilingualism to Increase Ministry Impact  
By Timothy Hatcher 

Chapter 4: Hidden Stories of Reciprocal Mission in the Glocal World: A Case Study  

By Joy Kim 

Part 2: Communicating the Gospel in Global Settings 

Chapter 5: Knowing When to Drink Coffee: A Case Study of (Mis)Communication in Intercultural Mission Partnership  

By Phil Davis 

Chapter 6: Contextualizing the Gospel in Australia: Empowering Christ to Communicate with an Aussie Accent  
By Robert L. Gallagher 

Chapter 7: Honor/Shame Culture: Analyzing Impact on Christian Women’s Social Exchanges 
By Kara L. Garrison 

Chapter 8: Conversing with Unique Identities: American Muslim Youth in a Multicultural Religiously Plural World  
By Matthew Henning 

Part 3: Communicating Well in Mission 

Chapter 9: Communicating a Decolonized Gospel 

By Theon E. Hill 

Chapter 10: Pursuing Textual Community with a Chinese House Church Movement 
By Hannah Nation 

Chapter 11: A Case Study: Communicating a Missions Theology through the Prism of the Black Church 
By Linda P. Saunders 

Chapter 12: Faithful Fundraising: Communicating Needs without Sacrificing Dignity or Short-Circuiting Discipleship 

By Jessica Udall 

Part 4: Communicating Mission through Social Media 

Chapter 13: The Medium Is the Message: Reflections on Disciple-Making in the Age of Social Media 
By Michael Hamkin Lee 

Chapter 14: Communicating for the Frontiers: How Communication in the Twenty-First Century ImpActs Mission in Restricted-Access Contexts 
By JT Matthews 

Chapter 15: Understanding the Written Word through Popular Culture in Japan  
By Song Joseph Cho 

About the Contributors 

Communication in Mission (EMS 30)
Global Opportunities and Challenges
Marcus Dean, Scott Moreau, Sue Russell, and Rochelle Scheuermann

Communicating the Gospel—To All People, By All Means

Communication has always been the heartbeat of God’s interaction with humankind, and without thoughtful communication, mission is not fully effective. With the rise of technology and social media, the church faces a unique set of opportunities. At the same time, our shrinking world presents challenges and requires an increased sensitivity to social, cultural, and geopolitical triggers.

With case studies that span the globe from Australia and Asia to the Black church and Muslim youth diaspora in the United States, this book closely considers what is working in the twenty-first century and what isn’t. From post-colonial contexts to creative-access countries, this collection doesn’t shy away from today’s complex issues. Communication in Mission pulls together diverse voices—some seem like shouts and others like gentle whispers—but each has an important contribution for all who will listen and learn.

This synthesis of personal experiences from field practitioners and theoretical concepts from scholars lays a foundation for application, calling for careful and intentional communication in the ongoing work of missions. Full of hope, this book looks forward to the gospel being received as Good News around the globe.


  • This fascinating and stimulating compendium has been shaped by contributors who probed deeply into missional communication initiatives that negatively impacted a gospel witness. Through insightful analysis and well-grounded suggestions, they move readers forward to consider fresh options for fruitful intercultural engagement. A particular strength is the breadth of contemporary spheres addressed, which invites readers from diverse areas of mission to examine their own (mis)communication experiences and seek more effective strategies. I heartily recommend this compendium for all desiring to communicate the gospel in relevant, winsome, and effective ways.
    Evvy Hay Campbell, PhD Associate Professor, Intercultural Studies Emerita Wheaton College Graduate School
  • Communication in Mission is like fresh water and a rich meal. It is a gift to both contemporary missions scholars and practitioners, as well as the church at large. First, the book recognizes the role of communication as more than simply a tool, rather as a way of life, and more specifically the key to a life with great impact. Second, the compilation of authors offer micro (everyday) and macro (societal), nuanced understandings of how communication impActs missions and how missions impact communication. This book exceeded its goal of capturing my attention and speaking to my heart. May it do the same for you.
    K. Arianna Molloy, PhD Associate Professor, Department of Communication Studies Biola University
  • The world of missions is a complex entity, especially when it comes to cross-cultural communication. Fortunately, this well-researched and documented missiological compendium has emerged to guide cross-cultural workers in this complex task. The authors are not only scholars but also missional practitioners. Their work is refreshing because it emerges out of their personal mission experience. Readers will greatly profit from this treasure of missiological thought, which will stimulate increasingly effective cross-cultural communication in their ministries, helping the advancement of the gospel.
    Cecil Stalnaker, PhD Professor Emeritus and Adjunct Professor, Intercultural Studies Tyndale Theological Seminary, the Netherlands
  • Communication in Mission offers a wide-ranging compendium—from storytelling to AI—that will expand your thinking and keep you current in the fast-changing world of communication.
    Tom Steffen, DMiss Professor Emeritus, Intercultural Studies Biola University

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