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New Wineskins for Global Mission

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  1. New Wine Can’t Be Contained: Foundations for Mission
  2. New Wine for Those Who Never Tasted: Unreached People Groups
  3. Partners for a Harvest: Working with the Church Overseas
  4. Harvest Field on Our Doorstop: Mission in the U.S.
  5. Build the Arbor: Develop Mission-Minded Parishes
  6. Tend the Vines: Prepare for Effective Mission
  7. The Harvest Is White: Opportunities in Mission
  8. Bear More Fruit: Enabling Others
  9. Wineskins for New Wine: Episcopal Mission Societies
  10. Bearing Fruit That Remains: Jesus’ Call, Our Response



Format: Paperback

New Wineskins for Global Mission
A Compendium of the New Wineskins for Global Mission Conference, Ridgecrest, North Carolina, April 1994
Sharon Stockdale and Helen M. Camlin
New Wineskins for Global Mission captures the essence of a groundbreaking conference in 1994 where Episcopalians from all over the United States gathered to embrace their role in global missions. Filled with powerful testimonies and a passionate call to action, this book reveals the urgent need to invite unreached people groups to the Lord’s Table.

The conference's impact was profound, leading participants to engage in prayer, generous giving, and active involvement in missions. Now, this collection of plenary speeches and workshops serves as a valuable resource, equipping churches, and individuals with tools to fulfill the Great Commission and share the gospel in a changing world.


  • The New Wineskins conference displayed a genuine maturation of the renewal movement, the Holy Spirit turning us away from ourselves to the passion of our Lord to make disciples of all nations.
    Bishop Alden M. Hathaway
  • Christians need a big picture of what God is calling us to do: to proclaim the Gospel and plant the Church throughout the whole world. Usually, people think of going from home in widening circles … the problem is, they get stuck before they get very far!
    Rev. Walter HannumFounder, ECMC
  • New Wineskins for Global Mission will have an everlasting impact on the growth of the Kingdom of God.
    Edwina ThomasDirector, SOMA
  • New Wineskins for Global Mission will have an everlasting impact on the growth of the Kingdom of God.
    Diane RoseberryOutreach Committee Member
  • I came home convinced that if we as a church lose our commitment to outreach and mission, we lose our reason to exist.
    Rev. Jim SimonsRector
  • Passion for mission flows powerfully from these speakers, transforming those who heard and those who read.
    Bishop Alexander Stewart
  • New Wineskins for Global Mission had a tremendous impact on our church. Our prayer and financial support for missions has increased threefold.
    Rita CampbellMission Committee Member
  • Jesus’s command to preach the gospel to the ends of the earth reverberates through these pages. This book is a must read. But beware, your life may never be the same.
    Rev. Tom PrichardSouth American Missionary Society

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  • Pages: 464
  • Publisher: William Carey Publishing
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publish Year: 1996
  • ISBN: 9780878082698
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