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Sharing Jesus with Hindus

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Table of Contents

Introduction by Dr. Ashok Kumar

Chapter 1: Witnessing to the Hindu Diaspora in North America by Dr. Atul Aghamkar

Chapter 2: Revisiting Hindu Religious Traditions in Diaspora for a Constructive Interfaith Encounter by Dr. Wilson Paluri

Chapter 3: Pollution and Cleansing from Kala Pani Crossings: Sin and Salvation for the Hindu Diaspora by Dr. Sam George

Chapter 4: Modi, Hindu Rashtra, and India’s New Internationalism by Mr. Rahil Patel

Chapter 5: Challenges of Pastoring Hindu Converts by Dr. Martin Alphonse

Chapter 6: Home Church among Hindu Households in the Diaspora by Dr. Danny Sathyadass

Chapter 7: Understanding Hindu Neighbors by Rev. Ashwin Ramani

Chapter 8: Christocentric Satsang: Contextualized Worship for Hindusby Mr. Anil Yesudas

Chapter 9: Dealing with Family after Conversion by Dr. P. T. Subrahmanyan

Chapter 10: Ministering to Hindu Families by Mr. Srinivasa Moorthy

Chapter 11: Ministering to Hindu Students in Western Universities by Dr. Kamesh Sankaran

Chapter 12: Ministry among the Indian Diaspora in the Philippines by Rev. Mark Sudhir

Chapter 13: Malaysia’s Tamil Women: Agents of Change or Guardians of Tradition? by Mrs. Anita Lazarus

Chapter 14: Virtually Possible: Digital Outreaches to Hindus by Mrs. Chandra and Mr. Naveen

Chapter 15: Ministry among Hindus in the Caribbeans by Dr. Krishna Ramsundar

Chapter 16: Sense, Sensibility, and Sensitivity: The Case of Evangelism to Hindus in South Africa by Rev. Louie Naidoo

Conclusion: Christian Witness by Dr. Sam George


Sharing Jesus with Hindus
Global Witness among Hindu Diaspora
Sam George and Ashok Kumar

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Publication Date: July 30, 2024

Building Authentic Relationships with Hindus

Indians make up the world’s largest diaspora community, and most of them are Hindus of diverse backgrounds, languages, and cultures. Millions of Hindus have migrated abroad in recent decades and are well-settled in different countries while many more are expected to be dispersed far and wide in the coming years. Many of them are highly educated and skilled, professionally successful, culturally adaptive, and very religious in their outlook.

Sharing Jesus with Hindus is the collective wisdom of many seasoned ministry leaders and practitioners about how to minister effectively to contemporary global Hindus. The contributors are situated in different parts of the world, and some come from Hindu backgrounds themselves. Emerging from an international conference on mission to and among Hindus worldwide, this book provides practical ministry strategies and scholarly reflections drawn from decades of insight.

The authors have experience in diasporic living and ministering to Hindus in diverse contexts. Learn how to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with your new neighbors from the Indian subcontinent. Avoid common mistakes and be an effective Christian witness to Hindus globally. Here is an essential resource in the toolkit of every church and Christian ministry worldwide.


  • Presenting invaluable guidance, Sharing Jesus with Hindus emerges as essential reading for individuals delving into the contextual interpretation of the Gospel within Hindu communities. With profound insight, the book not only underscores the critical significance of diaspora studies but also sheds light on the remarkable prominence of the Hindu diaspora within our interconnected global landscape.

    Jose Abraham, PhDAssociate Professor of Islamic Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary

  • Energetic Hindu agitators, organizers, and thinkers will seize upon this book to help them understand why so many Hindus in the diaspora are becoming Christians and will find here scholarship and analysis that is careful, thoughtful, systematic, and comprehensive—and which, to their surprise, will also lead to surprisingly numerous flashes of self-understanding.

    Prabhu S. GuptaraRetired Professor and Publisher, Salt Desert Media Group UK

  • This book is a must-read for all who are engaging Hindu people around the world. It makes a wonderful contribution to the contextual methodologies employed to effectively communicate the gospel.

    Godfrey HaroldPrincipal, Cape Town Baptist Seminary, South Africa

  • An invaluable resource for gaining a good understanding of the belief systems of your Hindu friends, neighbors, and colleagues. More importantly, learn how to share your Christian faith with them that is meaningful and impactful.

    Dr. Ravi I. JayakaranPresident, Medical Ambassadors International

  • Hindus in diaspora now constitute a community come of age and draw the well-deserving attention of the larger society. Christian thinkers and practitioners featured in this volume challenge the followers of Jesus Christ to sympathetically understand the psyche, concerns, religiosity, and aspirations of millions of Hindus scattered all over the world. A must-read for all who take seriously their Christian faith and Hindu friends in their neighborhood. 

    Bishop Dr. C. V. MathewFormer Deputy Chair, Lausanne Committee for World Evangelisation

  • Jesus selflessly sacrificed his life to grant us forgiveness for our bad karma. For those who believe in him, he provides a fresh start, with God guiding us as our inner guru. This profound act of love and redemption is an extraordinary gift. Sharing Jesus with Hindus offers pragmatic insights to help us unwrap this mystery and present Jesus as homage to our Hindu friends worldwide.

    Yeshu Samaj

  • Since 2020, India remains the country with the largest diaspora population in the world. The globalization of Hinduism, largely driven by this Indian diaspora represents a profound challenge to the long-held view that Hinduism remains isolated to the Indian sub-continent. Sam George and Ashok Kumar are widely connected with Christian leaders of the Global Indian diaspora and their prolonged engagement has served them well to bring together their collective wisdom for missional engagements with Hindus everywhere. This remarkable set of essays highlights the challenges and promise of reaching this growing diaspora with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Timothy C. Tennent, PhDProfessor of World Christianity and President Emeritus, Asbury Theological Seminary

  • I recommend reading another excellent product of the Global Diaspora Institute at Wheaton College Billy Graham Center, the very informative new book, Sharing Jesus with Hindus, which has been edited by two very well-known Indian diaspora thought leaders, Drs. Sam George and Ashok Kumar. They have brought together reputed writers and published on a variety of topics that address the issues related to Indians living around the world but continuing to love and stay to some degree or another, culturally enmeshed with their ethnic traditions.

    Junias V. Venugopal, PhDAssociate Dean and Associate Professor, Wheaton College

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