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Stick Figures Save the World

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Chapter 1: Jesus People Tell Jesus Stories. That’s What Jesus People Do.  

Chapter 2: Jesus Told Stories. You Should Too.  

Helpful Bits: Which Stories Do I Tell? Ones That Connect to People’s Lives!  

Chapter 3: Super Non-Advanced Drawing for Non-Drawers  

Helpful Bits: Discovery Bible Studies  

Chapter 4: Becoming a Story Ninja  

Helpful Bits: What Are the Seven Commands of Jesus?  

Chapter 5: Little Pictures  

Helpful Bits: Which Stories Do I Tell? Ones That Help Us to Obey!  

Chapter 6: Big Pictures for Groups  

Chapter 7: Next Steps  

Appendix A: Sample Drawings  

Appendix B: Sample Drawings from others

Stick Figures Save the World
Drawing Simply to Share Jesus Well
Pam Arlund

Drawing Simply to Share Jesus Well

Have you ever tried to share your faith but struggled, not really knowing what to say? This book helps solve that problem. Practical and funny, Pam Arlund offers a refreshing change from standard methods in disciplemaking.

In Stick Figures Save the World, you will learn to draw Bible stories in a simple way to equip even the newest follower of Jesus to pass on what they have learned to another. This method works when drawn in the dirt of a remote village or on a napkin in a coffeehouse. Whether you are trying to reach your own children, the neighbors, or a person across the world, this book can show you how.

The surprising two-fold outcome of this method is how exciting Scripture will become and how well prepared you will be to share Jesus with others. Stick figures aren’t just for kids, they are for everyone who wants to make the most of the opportunities the Lord gives to authentically share His love with the world.


  • How can you share Jesus with a napkin sketch and save a life? Our hearts all long for God-size stories that captivate our imagination. This handy Stick Figures Save the World equips us to communicate gospel stories any time, any place, and with anyone. In Sunday schools, in suburban homes, and among unreached peoples around the world, a growing movement of Jesus lovers are drawing simple stick figures to impart hope and invite people to follow him. Anyone can share Jesus with stick figures . . . so that everyone can love and obey him!

    Dr. Mary Ho International Executive Leader, All Nations

  • Dr. Pam Arlund has taken the big, scary complexity of evangelism and storytelling and simplified it in practical and important ways, so every believer can be empowered to share the good news of Jesus. Stick Figures Save the World is practical, inspiring, and a refreshing look at the art of storytelling. We all have good news stories to share, and this book will help you share them effectively. I highly recommend you read this, practice it, and make it part of your lifestyle.

    Joshua Johnson Co-Executive Director, All Nations Kansas City Hub

  • I was privileged to be mentored in this approach by Dr. Pam Arlund before our season of ministry with Middle Eastern refugees, and I am so thankful! We used the process described here to disciple many Muslim background believers and help them write the Scripture on their hearts. Pam’s down-to-earth way of learning, sharing, and teaching Jesus stories is so practical and effective—and not only with those who are less literate! Every believer can use this approach to know the Word more deeply, and to be empowered to share it more widely!

    Meredith Johnson Co-Executive Director, All Nations Kansas City Hub

  • The pictures and the text of Stick Figures Save the World all proclaim, “You can do this. Don’t panic because you are a bad drawer.” The book is just the right length. Halfway through you might feel that there is a lot of new technique to learn, but then you see the simplicity of it and find that you can get started. I am sharpening my pencil now! I often use illustration in teachings, because even while people copy the pictures, it helps them to remember better. In the God-is-greater-team, we also use painting as a way to remember what God is telling us. And we often find as we draw that the pictures develop even more, and the Lord continues talking.

    Cora E. Luepnitz Public Librarian, MA Founder, The God-is-Greater-Team Hamburg, Germany

  • Recently, my church-planting team and I were trained to share the good news. At the end of this training, we began to share the good news we learned from Stick Figures Save the World. I shared a story that we learned during training, and it was very exciting. When I went to a beauty parlor, I suddenly met two married women that I did not know. By sharing different Bible stories using stick figures, they were very surprised to learn about the power of Jesus Christ. I think these stick figures will help you share the power of Jesus too, especially for those who are illiterate. I learned how to share everything from pictures of the Bible to the great commands of Jesus Christ!

    Pastor Mole South Asia Ministry to Muslims

  • After I encountered Pam's teaching on the simple power of stick figures, I started using this method to tell stories cross-culturally to a group of Czech college girls. The students loved it, but the amazing byproduct was gaining an incredible tool to disciple my preschool-age daughter! She became fascinated by the stories and soon began to ask for them and even try to copy them. I'm so thankful that Pam's engaging book now gives more people an opportunity to share Jesus with anyone, no matter their age or cultural background!

    Jean Nies Mom and Preschool Teacher

  • If you would have told me a year ago that stick figures would lead to one of the most life-giving seasons of campus ministry I’ve had yet, I don’t know if I would have believed you. But this past year in my living room I have seen everyone from passionate atheists to church dropouts, to international students from the most unreached people groups on the planet engage with God’s story in a way they may never have had if I had first opened a Bible and tried to read. What’s most important is that people meet the Savior for themselves, and this book will teach you a way to help people do that in way that is simple, not intimidating, reproducible, and a lot of fun!

    Matt Wallin Campus Minister, Northern Kentucky University

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