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Portraits of Global Christianity

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Gina A. Zurlo

Part I: Partnership in World Christianity and Mission Research

Chapter 1: Trends in Global Christianity through Design

Gina A. Zurlo and Peter F. Crossing

Chapter 2: 1993: A Seminal Year

Patrick Johnstone

Chapter 3: Partnership in Quantitative Research on World Christianity

Jason Mandryk and Molly Wall

Part II: Lived Global Christianity

Chapter 4: Invitation to the Kitchen, Not Just to the Table: Todd M. Johnson’s Motif of Global Christianity

Uchenna D. Anyanwu

Chapter 5: Reflections and Lessons from Massachusetts to Uganda

Joseph Byamukama

Chapter 6: Moments in Time: Challenging the Fabric of Faith

Jane Kyong Chun

Chapter 7: Dismantling the Ethnic Foods Aisle in Theological Libraries

James Marion Darlack

Chapter 8: Who Are These People? A Rediscovery from Ephesians 3 and 4

Darrell Dorr

Chapter 9: Story as a Bridge to Understanding: The Role of Narrative in Creating Global Empathy

Sharon Ellis

Chapter 10: A Missiological Hermitage: Representing Jesus Across Cultures

Jarrett Fontenot

Chapter 11: What is the Posthuman Gospel?

Michael Hahn

Chapter 12: Many Books

Richard L. Haney

Chapter 13: Global Hermeneutics and the Ethical Potency of Scholarship: Reflections on the Character and Expertise of a Religious Demographer from an Aspiring Biblical Scholar

David A. Hannan

Chapter 14: I am Where I am Today Because of Todd Johnson

Bert Hickman

Chapter 15: Lessons and Gifts of Interreligious Encounters

Daryl R. Ireland

Chapter 16: Capacious Fait

S. Kyle Johnson

Chapter 17: An Appreciation for Todd Johnson: A Personal Reflection

Grace Ji-Sun Kim

Chapter 18: How are You? What is Your Name? Hospitality and Friendship in Mission and World Christianity

Feruza Krason

Chapter 19: The Power of Curiosity and Generosity

Sandra S.K. Lee

Chapter 20: Intellectual Work: Reflections on 30 Years of Mission Research

Justin Long

Chapter 21: The Transforming Power of Images, Memories, and Words on Local Church Mission

Brian McAtee

Chapter 22: A Collaborative Approach

Bryan Nicholson

Chapter 23: Fairest Lord, Jesus, Ruler of the Nations

Sujin Park

Chapter 24: Living Global Christianity in Thailand

Eva M. Pascal

Chapter 25: Working on Religious Demography with Todd M. Johnson: Not Only Quantities but Quality and Values

Kenneth R. Ross

Chapter 26: Listen, Empower, Enjoy, and Think

Justin Schell

Chapter 27: Humility, Kindness, and Music: Reflection for Todd Johnson

Jennifer Lee Shin

Chapter 28: Confronted with the Facts: 86% of Hindus, Buddhists, and Muslims Have Relatively Little Contact with Christians

Benjamin Thomas

Chapter 29: “One of the Excellent People Struggling for the Faith”: A Personal Reflection on the Life and Work of Todd Johnson

Charles Tieszen

Chapter 30: By the Numbers

Cindy Wu

Chapter 31: Belonging

Kenneth Young

Part III: The Work of Todd M.Johnson: Data 209


General country data

World religions

Major Christian traditions and movements

Christian mission



Evangelization by peoples

Bible translation


Country indicators

Portraits of Global Christianity
Research and Reflections in Honor of Todd M. Johnson
Gina A. Zurlo, Editor

Living in Light of the Global Body of Christ

Books on global Christianity have been growing substantially in the last ten years. The importance of studying Christianity beyond White Western history and theology has taken on a special relevance in an increasingly globalized world. The study of global Christianity is about recognizing the diversity of Christians around the world in terms of their cultures, languages, ethnicities, worldviews, and approaches to the faith. World Christianity is about making global-local connections and providing Christians the opportunity to learn from one another, enhance their faith, and broaden their perspectives.  

Most World Christianity books are written for scholarly audiences only. However, Portraits of Global Christianity moves beyond that sphere and into the lives of Christians who have learned about and continue to experience the global church in their everyday lives. No other global Christianity book on the market provides this kind of self-understanding on the relationship between World Christianity and individual experience. 

This book is geared toward a general Christian audience and is written in an accessible style with attractive full-color charts, maps, and graphs to make quantitative data on Christianity and other religions come alive. The reflections and essays in this book in honor of Todd M. Johnson provide readers with concrete examples of how knowledge and experience of Christianity worldwide has fundamentally changed their worldviews, perspectives of the faith, and vocational callings. It encourages readers to reflect on their attitudes toward people who do not look like them or live out the faith like them. This book urges readers to seriously consider the growth of Christianity in the global South and its impact on their own lives, and seek opportunities to reach across ethnic, gender, and class boundaries. 


  • This volume is not only a powerful testimony of Dr. Todd Johnson’s well-recognized status, rich accomplishments, and muti-dimensional global influence as the authority of the Christian demography, but also a very valuable source for the study of world Christianity of the past and present centuries.

    Kevin Xiyi Yao, PhDProfessor of World Christianity and Asian Studies, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

  • This work is a celebration of demographic workmanship. Todd Johnson has spent his life building an authentic village of craftsmen and craftswomen, mentoring many young scholars in World Christianity and missiology with skill and patience. As an immigrant, otherwise gleaning only on the margins, I consider myself grateful for the multiple doors he helped open for me in mission and academia. This book is for all who aspire to do the same.

    Wanjiru M. Gitau, PhDAssistant Professor of World Christianity and Practical Theology, Palm Beach Atlantic University

  • This volume is a fitting tribute to the bespoke Dr. Todd Johnson. One who is always keen to see not just the trees but the forest, he embodies a meta-analytical skill set which this book stays true to. Christianity should be for and by everyone, and Todd is one of the chief catalysts to bring it all together so beautifully. He is a storyteller and mentor par excellence, both in his writings and to all those he encounters personally, as exemplified by the magisterial data and moving testimonies that lie herein. 

    Allen Yeh, DPhil Professor, Intercultural Studies & Missiology, Biola University, Cook School of Intercultural Studies

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