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Afghan Mountain Faith

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Toughest Country in the World

Chapter 2 The God Who Comes Close

Chapter 3 Begin with the Land

Chapter 4 Women and Men

Chapter 5 Government Macro and Micro

Chapter 6 What the Taliban Want

Chapter 7 How To Help Refugees

Chapter 8 When Church Is Dangerous

Chapter 9 Beauty and Worship

Chapter 10 Mountain Faith


About the Authors

Afghan Mountain Faith
Stories of Justice, Beauty, and Relationships
Miriam Adeney and Rashid Aalish

Is There Hope for Afghans?

Everyone has heard of the Taliban, but how well do we know the Afghan people? The winds of change are blowing through Afghanistan, one of the hardest countries in the world in which to be a Christian. How can Afghans build trusting, vibrant communities of believers? What are the best practices in discipleship? 

Afghan Mountain Faith explores relationships, justice, and beauty in God's unfolding kingdom. These never-before-recorded accounts show Jesus’s followers in their unique Afghan context. Their stories extend worldwide as Afghan fellowships arise globally, even though there is not a single church building inside their country.

Miriam Adeney and Rashid Aalish delve into challenging issues of our time, including refugees, women’s rights, US military missions of mercy, church planting, ethnic identity, suffering, lament, orality, and ethnodoxology. If you want stories, there are stories. If you want strategies, there are strategies. If you want to wrestle with systemic issues, that is here too. These reflections will provoke you to think and propel you to hope. 


  • Afghan Mountain Faith had me hooked on the first page. From the many heart-pounding God-sized stories to practical wisdom and insight, this refreshing read has something for everyone—laypeople and church planters alike. This book inspired me to expand my compassion for Afghanis everywhere.
    Karen Bejjani Co-Founder, iHOPE Ministries
  • In 1953 some twelfth-grade students in one of the most prestigious high schools in Kabul told me they were incensed at the Encyclopedia Britannica, which had indicated that Afghanistan was 99 percent Muslim. “No!” they insisted. “Afghanistan is 100 percent Muslim!” They could not conceive of an Afghan who was anything else. Today there is a growing, if tentative, body of believers in Jesus Christ, living carefully as good citizens under the radar of most news organizations. This book is an exciting report on what is going on now in the religious life of this country. 
    Robert L. Canfield, PhD Professor of Anthropology Emeritus, Washington University at St. Louis
  • Gripping, informative, thoughtful, and beautifully written, Adeney and Aalish peel back the layers of Afghanistan, holding each one up to the light of Jesus. Replete with moving and memorable stories, Afghan Mountain Faith is a gift to the Church and the people of Afghanistan, offering a pathway forward as their destinies intersect.
    David Garrison Author, A Wind in the House of Islam
  • Growing up in India, I was introduced to the Afghani people through Tagore's Kabuliwallah. In recent years, as my work has taken me across Europe, North America, and Asia, I have met several of them and have heard stories of how these beautiful people are becoming followers of Jesus. Here in these pages, you will encounter some incredible accounts of the surprising ways in which God is working among Afghans. May Afghan Mountain Faith inspire you to get involved with refugees, immigrants, and other diaspora peoples around you. 
    Sam George, PhDDiaspora Commission Catalyst, Lausanne Movement Co-Editor, Refugee Diaspora
  • “Where sin increased, grace increased all the more” (Rom 5:20). Since the Islamic revolution in Iran, hundreds of thousands of Iranians have come to Jesus Christ as their Lord. Now is the time for Afghans. God is taking away the veil from their eyes to come into His marvelous Light. Many are disillusioned and are open to the Good News. Afghan Mountain Faith is a very timely and comprehensive tool for any Christian who wants to share Christ’s Love with Afghans whom God has brought near them.
    Mohamad Reza Roshanzamir Co-Founder, Elam Ministries
  • Afghanistan is a beautiful country with a rich culture and an incredibly difficult history. The recent resurgence of the Taliban has exacerbated the suffering of the Afghan people but has also resulted in the movement of many refugees from their homeland—among the most dangerous places in the world to follow Jesus—into countries blessed with religious freedom, where Afghans can consider the claims of Christianity for themselves, without governmental restrictions or interference. For Christians seeking to welcome, love and convey the hope of the gospel, Miriam Adeney and Rashid Aalish’s Afghan Mountain Faith is an indispensable resource.
    Matthew SoerensVice President for Advocacy and Policy, World Relief
  • This book is an absolute treasure! The authors give us more than beautiful glimpses of Afghans and Afghanistan, they awaken us to the beauty of the mystery of Christ and the often-paradoxical ways that Jesus is transforming lives in some of the most difficult and broken places of our world. I pray that many churches in the US and Europe would read this book and catch a vision of how to reach the thousands of Afghan refugees that God has brought into our neighborhoods with the Good News of Jesus.
    Rev. Sasan Tavassoli, PhDSenior Lecturer, PARS Theological Center
  • A new gold mine has just been revealed. That’s my read of this unique book with its ten different veins—chapters—and two writer-voices encouraging us to explore more and pray more and serve more. Afghan Mountain Faith captured my attention with the singular combination of historical fact, spiritual context, and unflinching truth. The authors describe an apparently failed nation, but also explain how the world powers moved into the vacuum in their nefarious abuse of geography and culture to organize and exploit Afghanistan for their own benefit. The entire book comes alive as it interweaves the narrative fabric of personal stories. And I love the way it lands, with practical recommendations for churches, ministries and families around the world who receive Afghan (and other) refugees. Readers will be enriched.
    William Taylor, PhDExecutive Director Emeritus, World Evangelical Alliance Mission Commission President, Taylor Global Consult
  • Prolific writer and missiological anthropologist Miriam Adeney has teamed up with economist and political scientist Rashid Aalish to write a spell-binding, timely story of Afghanistan, including its history, culture, politics, and religion. Built on a strong theology of culture and hope in resurrection, renewal, and restoration, the authors provide riveting stories of Afghans finding new life amidst devastation and danger as followers of Jesus. Practical suggestions for supporting refugees and immigrants abound, and the kingdom vision of Revelation 7:9, of people from every language and culture worshiping together around the throne of God, animates this essential book.
    Darrell Whiteman, PhD CEO, Global Development

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  • Publish Year: 2023
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