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People Disrupted

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Table of Contents

Foreword—David J. Cho
Foreword—Laura S. Meitzner Yoder
Foreword—Jehu Hanciles
Preface—Jinbong Kim
Preface—Jonathan J. Bonk
1. North Korean Migrants in South Korea: How Can the Korean Church Best Serve Them?—Ben Torrey
Response to “North Korean Migrants in South Korea”—Peter Lee
2. “And you are to love those who are foreigners . . .” (Deut. 10:12–19) Christopher J. H. Wright
3. Migration in Christian History —Andrew F. Walls
Response to “Migration in Christian History” —Jongboo Hwa
4. Migration and Human Dislocation: Accountability in Christian Missions from an African Perspective—Jesse N. K. Mugambi

Response to “Migration and Human Dislocation” —Inho Choi
5. Iraqi Christian Refugee Worship Communities of Jordanian Evangelical Churches—John H. N. Chung
Response to “Iraqi Christian Refugee Worship Communities”—Wissam P. Kammou
6. The Importance of Migrant Missions in South Korea—David Chul Han Jun
Response to “The Importance of Migrant Missions in South Korea”—Darrell Jackson
7. Multiethnic Ministry in Chicago: A Personal Testimony—Timothy Hong
Response to “Multiethnic Ministry in Chicago”—Sam George
8. The Development of Mentoring Practices: Guidelines for Korean-Chinese
in Yoido Full Gospel Church—Ildoo Kwon
Response to “The Development of Mentoring Practices”—Samuel K. Law
9. A Surprising Mission for Exiles (Jeremiah 29:1–14)—Christopher J. H. Wright
10. Somali Refugees Received by Mennonite Congregations in Pennsylvania, US: Two Case Studies—Peter M. Sensenig
Response to “Somali Refugees Received by Mennonite Congregations in Pennsylvania, US”—Calvin W. Choi11. Overseas Filipino Workers: Unknown Heroes of the Kingdom of God—Samuel Lee
Response to “Overseas Filipino Workers”—Daniel Ahn
12. Reverse Migration Ministries from Korea: A Case Study of Onnuri Community Church’s M Mission—J. Nelson Jennings
Response to “Reverse Migration Ministries from Korea”—Craig A. Noll
13. Educating Syrian Children in Lebanon’s Refugee Camps—Mary Mikhael
Response to “Educating Syrian Children in Lebanon’s Refugee Camps”—Keung-Chul (Matthew) Jeong
14. Your God Reigns (Isaiah 52:7–10)—Christopher J. H. Wright
15. Proclaiming Resurrection, Starting with the Refugee, Asylee, and Migrant—Seth Kaper-Dale
Response to “Proclaiming Resurrection, Starting with the Refugee, Asylee, and Migrant"—D. David Lee
16. A Place at the Table: Migration and Mediation, Mission out of Latin America
—Ruth Padilla DeBorst
Response to “A Place at the Table” —Joon Juan Lee

17. Human Dislocation and the Local Church: A Diaspora Mission Strategy—Sadiri Joy Tira

Response to “Human Dislocation and the Local Church”—Eun Ah Cho
18. The Refugee Situation in Europe: Reflections of a Theologian-Missiologist
—Dorottya Nagy
19. Migration in Central Asia: Issues, Challenges, and Missional Tasks, with Focus on Kyrgyzstan—Joshua Aslanbek
20. Mission to and by the Japanese Diaspora: Hope for the Evangelization of Japan?—Eiko Takamizawa
21. Accountability in Mission to Refugees in South Korea—Dae Hum Lee
22. Missional Multicultural Church Movement as Incubator and International Student Volunteer Movement as a Force for Mission in the Migration Mission Era
—Young Sup Oh
23. The Scattered People and Mission —Timothy K. Park
24. Migration, Human Dislocation, and Mission Accountability: A Concluding Summary—Jonathan J. Bonk

People Disrupted
Doing Mission Responsibly among Refugees and Migrants
Jinbong Kim, Dwight P. Baker, Jonathan J. Bonk, J. Nelson Jennings, Jae Hoon Lee, Editors
Migration has been a major source of change and a central feature in human development, but the sheer magnitude and relentlessness of migrant movements in recent decades defy easy analysis. The Korean Global Mission Leadership Forum desires accountability in Christian world mission. 

This volume is the outcome of the multinational case studies and responses presented at KGMLF’s 2017 consultation held in Sokcho, Korea, on the subject “Migration, Human Dislocation, and Accountability in Missions.” The studies presented deal with significant issues in Christian mission and address the case of North Korean migrants, the sufferings of Iraqis fleeing from war, African refugees, Syrian refugees in Lebanon, overseas Filipino workers, the situation of refugees in Europe, and other refugee cases.


  • We know about Korean Christianity’s strong commitmentto contemporary mission and evangelism but this book in afascinating way links it to the pressing issue of unprecedentedmigration and human dislocation. The case studies make itrich and insightful, calling the reader and the universal churchto account in new and dramatic ways. The international panelof presenters and responders truly represents mission fromeverywhere to everywhere—an essential dialogue for missiologyin the twenty-first century.

    Thomas Kemper, General Secretary Global Ministries, The United Methodist Church, Atlanta, Georgia USA.

  • In an era of global migration and world-circling movements ofpeople, recasting theology in the light of migration is imperative.This rich collection of in-depth missiological and theologicalreflections offers indispensable insight. It is packed with a wealthof knowledge, gained through first-hand experience, on one ofthe most difficult and yet prevalent issues of our time.
    Lalsangkima PachuauDean of Advanced Research Programs,J. W. Beeson Professor of Christian Mission,Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore, Kentucky USA
  • People Disrupted: Doing Mission Responsibly among Refugees and Migrants, as the fourth title in the KGMLF series on missionaccountability, demonstrates two important trends in mission:migration as a major subject for mission accountability, andthe maturing of the Korean church in convening global missionthinkers and practitioners in one space.
    Wonsuk MaDistinguished Professor of Global Christianity,Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, Oklahoma USA

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