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Mission in the Way of Daniel

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Vulnerable: Displaced for God’s Mission 

Chapter 2: Gifted: Natural Abilities for God’s Mission 

Chapter 3: Favored: God-Given Favor Before Authorities 

Chapter 4: Empowered: Experiencing and Demonstrating the Power of God in Mission 

Chapter 5: Emboldened: Witness, Prayer and Suffering 

Appendix: Daniel: Background and Context 



Mission in the Way of Daniel
Empowering Believers to Live into God’s Plan
Edward L. Smither

Mission in the Marketplace

What can the prophet Daniel teach us about serving in God's mission? Daniel was not a priest or official religious leader—he was a forcibly displaced Israelite, who became a public administrator in the Babylonian and Persian empires. While he may serve as an example of an admirable work ethic—often finding favor and recognition with political leaders—he is also a prime example of a bold and godly individual, willing to be a witness in his sphere of influence. Though his boldness resulted in suffering, he consistently experienced and demonstrated God’s power in his witness. This same boldness is needed today.

While many books and Bible studies explore the work ethic and character of Daniel, Ed Smither takes those discussions to a new level, illustrating why each of Daniel’s qualities and skills is a necessary component of mission today.

Mission in the Way of Daniel probes mission theology and practice in the Old Testament, exploring the well-known story of Daniel through the lenses of mission history and mission practice. Providing relevant application for contemporary issues like diaspora, power encounters, and divine favor in mission, the themes in Mission in the Way of Daniel advance the ongoing conversation about how to do mission.

For mission practitioners, tentmakers, and all Christians, this book shows us how God can use us where we are in life and work.

How can you participate in God's mission?  Watch the video HERE!


  • Mission in the Way of Daniel draws insights from biblical and historical theology as a model for contemporary mission in the public square. From the life of Daniel, Smither shows how God uses grief (exile and suffering) and gifting (natural ability and divine power) to carry His message to the nations. Many (rightly) highlight Daniel’s faithful service, but the purpose of his suffering and service to exalt the supremacy of his God is often overlooked. Smither challenges us to consider how God wants to use the anguish and abilities in our lives to further His witness.
    Brian Gault, PhD Assistant Professor of Old Testament, Dallas Theological Seminary
  • This is a ground-breaking work of missional hermeneutics that offers thought-provoking assessments of the life, witness, and work of Daniel in the Hebrew Scriptures. Particularly striking is the scholarly integration of biblical theology of mission with a historical analysis of missions that speaks to our contemporary world.
    Robert Gallagher, PhD Emeritus Professor of Intercultural Studies, Wheaton College
  • Smither takes the reader on a fascinating and insightful journey, beginning with the life and book of Daniel, and making stops along the way in Scripture, mission history, and the contemporary world, demonstrating how the qualities that Daniel possessed and exercised are essential qualities for fulfilling today’s mission as well. I heartily recommend this book for Christians who already have a passion for missions as well as for those who are seeking to be more relevant and fruitful in God’s mission to transform their neighbors and the nations for His glory.
    João Mordomo, PhD Catalyst for business as mission, Lausanne Global Network

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