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Majority World Theologies (EMS 26)

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Chapter 1 | “Give Us Friends!”: V. S. Azariah and the Call for the Four-Self Church
Allen Yeh
Chapter 2 | Polycentrism in Majority World Theologizing: AnEngagement with Power and Essentialism
John Cheong

PART 2: Africa
Chapter 3 | Engaging Theology and Theological Education in the Majority World: Recognizing Visual and Symbolic Theology from theAkan People’s Illustration
Kofi Amoateng
Chapter 4 | Koinonia(Fellowship) around the Mwaki(Fireplace):Reflections on Twenty-first Century Global Theological Education
Diane Stinton
Chapter 5 | Bible Translation, Theology, and Witches
Robert J. Priest

Chapter 6 | Exploring Hindu “Insider Movements”: Syncretismor Authentic Contextualization? A Theological and MissiologicalAppraisal with a Fresh Approach
Natun Bhattacharya
Chapter 7 | Analysis of Han in King David’s Life: A Biblical Responseto a Korean Concept
Sunny Hong
Chapter 8 | Sharing the Gospel with Tibetan Buddhists through theCultural Paradigm of Pollution and Purity
James E. Morrison

PART 4: Latin America
Chapter 9 | Santería as a Means of Resistance and Deterrent toOrthodox Christianity
Jessica Brooks
Chapter 10 | PRODOLA: A Latin American Doctoral Program ofTheology: Challenges, Opportunities, and a Way Forward
Rubén (Tito) Paredes
Chapter 11 | Latin American Christology: A Latino DiasporaPerspective
Rolando W. Cuellar

Chapter 12 | A Critical Analysis of NaimAteek’s Palestinian Theologyof Liberation
Yousef K. AlKhouri
Chapter 13 | Towards an Indigenous Theology of Worship in Alaska:A Study of Recent Efforts to Contextualize the Art of Yupik EskimoDancing
John G. Ferch

Majority World Theologies (EMS 26)
Theologizing from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Ends of the Earth
Allen Yeh (Editor), Tite Tiénou (Editor)

Theology to the Ends of the Earth and Back Again

As Christianity’s center of gravity has shifted to the Majority World, many younger churches in Africa, Asia, and Latin America are now coming of age. With this maturing comes the ability to theologize for themselves, not simply to mimic what they have been taught from the West. As theology is an attempt to articulate through human language, culture, and contexts the timeless truths of the eternal and transcendent God, Majority World churches have much to offer the West and the world, as they contribute to a greater understanding of God, discipleship, and mission.

Within this volume is an eclectic and fascinating sampling of theologizing from around the world, diverse not just in context but in content, dealing with everything from Christian education, to engaging Buddhists with the gospel, to engagement with Santería, to contextualizing native dance. As Christ’s message has gone to “the ends of the earth,” it has been received, but also incorporated, synthesized, and rebirthed in new and exciting ways that will benefit us all, wherever we live and serve.


  • This remarkable compendium represents nothing less than a tour de force in our growing realization that the worlds of biblical and theological reflection can no longer ignore the sustained and profound work of Majority World scholarship. Furthermore, the notion of “mere Christianity” can no longer ignore the deeper reality that the faith “once for all delivered to the saints” is received and embodied by a growing Christian family with profound insights for the whole church with vital contributions influencing Bible translation, systematic theology, and biblical exegesis.
    Timothy Tennent, PhD President of Asbury Theological Seminary
  • In a world where the evangelical church is truly global, Majority World Theologies offers much-needed theological perspectives from across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. This is a must-read primer for those wanting to engage in the global theological conversation and to grow in their exposure to Majority World theologies.
    Tom Lin | president/CEO of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship 
  • With this book, the colours of world Christianity are painted yet more brightly. The wide range of papers contained here give us a delightful taste of what God is doing in building his global body, spectacularlydiverse yet united around the Lordship of Christ.
    Paul Bendor-Samuel executive director of the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies

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