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Against the Tide (EMS 27)

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GLOSSARY: Key Terms Related to Secularization

CHAPTER 1—Secularization, Multiple Modernities, and Religion-Harold A. Netland

CHAPTER 2—Embracing Plurality: The Opportunity of Secularization-Shawn P. Behan

CHAPTER 3—Engaging the Secular Mind: An Urgent Call to the American Church-Raphael Anzenberger

CHAPTER 4—Evangelism in a Secular Age: Complexities and Opportunities-Jay Moon

CHAPTER 5—Against the Tide: Churches Reaching Emerging Adult “Nones” and “Dones” in Secularizing North America-Beth Seversen

CHAPTER 6—(Re)Connecting with Secular Society-Steve Thrall

CHAPTER 7—Germany’s Refugee Response: Implications for Ministry in a Secularized World-Steven B. Kern

CHAPTER 8—Mission and Evangelism in the Desecularizing World of the Russian Federation-Marc T. Canner

CHAPTER 9—A Chinese Modernity: What Feng Shui, Ancestors, Mazu, Buddhism, and Mao Can Teach Us about a Different Kind of Secularization-Tony Chih-Chao Chuang      

CHAPTER 10—Toward What End?: An Evaluation of Religion in Liberia’s Public Sphere and Its Implications for Evangelism and Discipleship-Boye-Nelson Kiamu


Against the Tide (EMS 27)
Mission Amidst the Global Currents of Secularization (EMS 27)
W. Jay Moon and Craig Ott, Editors

Belonging is declining & belief is changing.

With increased globalization and modernization reaching into the furthest corners of the earth also comes the influence of secularization. These three tides of influence impact traditional religious beliefs, practices, and institutions in significant ways. Some modernizing societies see religion on the decline, while others find it thriving in surprising ways. This collection of essays presents the opportunities and the challenges of secularization for the mission of the Church, with hopeful signs and reassurance that God is still at work in a secularizing world.

Readers will find both analysis and guidance that will assist the Church in an informed, missional engagement with secularization in a variety of contexts—starting with North America, then Europe, Asia, and Africa. Each local church and mission organization must discern the appropriate missional response for evangelism, discipleship, congregational life, and social involvement.

To be “against the tide” means regaining your voice, as a church on mission, informed by your context and inspired by the responses of others in theirs.



  • This edited volume addresses a very timely topic and, thankfully, includes international perspectives. Most of us are aware that our world has changed socially, politically, and culturally, but we might find ourselves overwhelmed by the challenge of engaging effectively in this transformed environment. Against the Tide helps us understand what is happening and how we might “do mission” in this disruptive milieu.
    Rich Starcher, PhD, 

    editor-in-chief, Missiology: An International Review; professor of intercultural education & missiology, Biola University

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