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Scripture and Strategy (EMS 1)

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Table of Contents

Foreword to the Series

Foreword to Scripture and Strategy


Part I. Introduction

1. Back to the Future

Part II. The Place of the Bible in Christian Thought

2. Carl F. H. Henry: Recovering Biblical Authority

3. Erich Sauer: Rediscovering Biblical Theology

4. William J. Larkin, Jr.: Rethinking Biblical Interpretation

5. Paul G. Hiebert: Revisiting Contextualization

Part III. The Place of the Bible in Christian Ministry

6. Hans-Ruedi Weber: Confronting the World with the Gospel

7. Trevor McIlwain: Confirming Believers in the Christian Faith

8. Timothy M. Warner: Counseling Chrisitans Concerning Spiritual Warfare

9. John Piper: Challenging the Church to Christian Mission

10. Ralph D. Winter: Consecrating and Training Future Leaders

Part IV: Conclusion

11. Forward to the Future


David J. Hesselgrave

The Use of the Bible in Postmodern Church and Mission

Scripture should occupy a central place in the future strategy of churches and their mission. But what does that mean practically? Amid the many voices in the church, who should we listen to? What wisdom can we glean from those who’ve gone before us?

In Scripture and Strategy, David Hesselgrave serves the church by bringing together ten renowned church leaders and missions visionaries. They advise us not to give in to a simplistic understanding and use of Scripture. Collectively, the contributors emphasize a critical idea that often gets overlooked. In short, the Bible should not only inform our message; it should shape our methods.

Scripture and Strategy brings diverse issues into conversation. It explores topics like contextualization, church planting, and spiritual warfare in light of biblical interpretation, postmodernism, and biblical authority. This book presses us to look ahead to the future of missions by looking back to God’s revelation in the past.


  • Dr. Hesselgrave helps us understand the discussions on hermeneutics, contextualization, discipling and training, and shows the underlying unity that lies in starting with a high view of Scripture. His work provides and agenda for missiology in the 21st century.
    The late Paul G. HiebertProfessorFuller Theological Seminary and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
  • David Hesselgrave is a doer's thinker. Based on his background of field ministry in Japan and extensive observation of the world's mission scene, he has produced a series of foundational texts to guide practitioners. Scripture and Strategy constitutes a strong call to build the future of missions on the only effective foundation: the Word of God.
    Michael PocockProfessorDallas Theological Seminary

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