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Teaching English in Missions

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Table of Contents

  • Dedication
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  1. If you can speak English you can teach it: true or False?
  2. “First, do no harm”: An English teacher’s Hippocratic oath 
  3. English ministries with integrity: Four types 
  4. English teachers with integrity: Three requirements
  5. English teaching formats: Four models 
  6. English classes: Three building blocks 
  7. Putting it all together: Making decisions about English ministry 



  • A: English for Life Curriculum
  • B: A topical course syllabus
  • C: A sample lesson plan
  • D: Organizing an English camp
  • E: Resources
  • F: Acronyms used in English teaching

by: Jan Edwards Dormer (Author)
English teaching is common in missions today. However, there has been relatively little discussion on what constitutes effectiveness in English ministries. This book aims to foster such discussion. It first addresses issues of concern in English ministries and then suggests criteria for effectiveness, considerations in teacher preparation, and models for the teaching of English in missions.


  • Jan Dormer’s Introduction to Teaching English in Missions is well grounded both in the English teaching profession and the Christian faith. It makes an effective case for the importance of professionalism and integrity among missionaries who teach English, and also provides a great deal of useful guidance and practical information for missionary English teachers. Last and definitely not least, it does all of this in a very lucid and reader-friendly style.
    Don Snow, PhDauthor of English Teaching as Christian Mission: An Applied Theology and More Than a Native Speaker: An Introduction to Teaching English Abroad
  • Exceptional! For any mission organization, or for anyone using or hoping to use the teaching of English as a second or foreign language as a means of ministry opportunity, this book is a must-read. Jan Dormer has brought sense and sensitivity to a great ministry tool, protecting us from ministry abuse so common among those of us who rush in with zeal without knowledge. Jan dares to raise the level of expectation in missionary sensitivity, integrity, transparency, proficiency, authenticity, and competency. She makes me want to sign up! With an unequaled mix of the academic, missionary experience, and practical help, this book is bound to lead the way as the number-one textbook for this great endeavor.
    Hubert Harrimanpresident, World Gospel Mission

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  • Pages: 192
  • Publisher: William Carey Library
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  • Publish Year: 2011
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