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Working Your Way to the Nations

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Table of Contents

How to Use This Manual
1 Planning for Success
Don Hamilton
2 Getting Perspective
Detlef Bloecher
3 Cross-Cultural Servants
David Tai-Woong Lee
4 The Crucial Role of the Local Church
Derek Christensen
5 Critical Considerations of Deployment
Jonathan Cortes
6 Biblical and Doctrinal Foundations
Joshua K. Ogawa
7 Personal Readiness
Elizabeth Vance
8 Two Essential Skills
Jim Chew
9 Team Dynamics and Spiritual Warfare
James Tebbe
10 Understanding the Host Culture
Elizabeth Goldsmith
11 Dealing With Stress
Carlos Calderon
12 Becoming a Belonger
Marcos Amado
Appendix A: Personal Action Plan
Appendix B: Resources

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Working Your Way to the Nations
A Guide to Effective Tentmaking
Jonathan Lewis
Ever since the Apostle Paul had a job making tents to support his work of spreading the gospel, "tentmakers" have played an important role in the fulfillment of the Great Commission. This workbook is a practical guide to following in Paul's footsteps.

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