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Family and Faith in Asia (SEANET 7)

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Contributors



  • 1. Evangelizing Whole Families: The Value of Family in the 21st Century by Alex G. Smith
  • 2. Catalyzing “Insider Movements” in Buddhist Contexts by David Lim
  • 3. Family Networks: The Context for Communication by Alex G. Smith



  • 4. Duty, Obligation and Prostitution: How Family Matters in Entry into and Exit from Prostitution in Thailand by Christa Foster Crawford 
  • 5. The Ritual of Reconciliation of Thai Culture by Ubolwan Mejudhon
  • 6. A Day in the Life of a Sinhala Buddhist Family and its Relevance for the Evangelical Christian by G.P.V. Somaratna



  • 7. The Struggle of Asian Ancestor Veneration by Alex G. Smith
  • 8. Ancestor Veneration and Family Conversion Revisited by David S. Lim



  • 9. A New Family Model for Japanese People by Mitsuo Fukuda J
  • 10. Christianity and Buddhist Marriage In Sri Lanka by G. P.V. Somaratna
  • 11. Biblical Ideals and Buddhist Images by M.S. Vasanthakumar
  • References
  • Index

Family and Faith in Asia (SEANET 7)
The Missional Impact of Social Networks
 If Christian mission in Asia and most of the non-Western world is ever to advance, it must seriously consider the importance of family networks. Far too long the strategy of a “one by one” approach has stifled the spread of the gospel, reinforced a highly individualized unbiblical theology and destroyed social relationships that might lead to conversation, conversion and social transformation. With this concern in mind, SEANET is proud to present another volume in its series addressing critical missiological issues relevant to the practice of mission in Buddhist, Asian and many other contexts.

Our title, Family and Faith in Asia: The Missional Impact of Extended Networks, attempts to issue a wake-up call to serious reflection on a highly ignored social reality in Buddhist and many other social contexts. The book is a resource useful for anyone wishing to study practical approaches to issues related to family and faith in Asia, particularly in Buddhist contexts for mission.

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