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Calling on the Prophets

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The Local Cleric 

Chapter 2: Why Read This Book? 

Chapter 3: Who Are the Prophets? 

Chapter 4: Calling on the Prophets 

Chapter 5: Adam 

Chapter 6: Noah 

Chapter 7: Abraham (Ibraheem) 

Chapter 8: Isaac (Ishaq) and Jacob (Yaqoob) 

Chapter 9: Joseph (Yusuf) 

Chapter 10: Moses (Musa) 

Chapter 11: David (Dawud) and Solomon (Sulaiman) 

Chapter 12: Jonah (Yunus) and Job (Ayyub) 

Chapter 13: John the Baptist (Yahya) and Zechariah (Zakariya) 

Chapter 14: Jesus Christ (Isa al-Maseeh) 

Chapter 15: Epilogue—And Finally . . . 

Appendix 1: Notes on Names 

Appendix 2: The Name of Jesus

Calling on the Prophets
In Christian Witness to Muslims
Colin Bearup

Building on Common Ground

All the prophets are to be taken seriously by Muslims. They know the names of many Bible characters and often know Islam’s version of their stories. Most Muslims, however, are also aware that they do not know the whole story. This book is about sharing the precious truth of the gospel by referencing characters on whom Muslims themselves set a high value.

Calling on the Prophets offers helpful, practical conversational habits to initiate, navigate, and steer conversations through the common ground of our prophetic heritage. This is not a method to replace all others; it is an extra ability to add to our skill set. In the first four chapters, Colin Bearup lays out the principles and sets ground rules for respectful, fruitful conversations. The next ten chapters apply these principles to fourteen Bible characters known to Muslims as prophets. If we master the approach, we can engage in these example conversations and successfully delve into others.

None of these ideas are totally new, but they are brought together in one slim volume with real-life examples. Here is an opportunity to learn new ways to enhance our effectiveness in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.


  • If you care enough to be serious about the tragedy of millions of Muslims who have never had a friendly discussion with a Christian which whet his or her appetite to hear more … If you deeply desire to be God's instrument to become a forever friend of a Muslim who truly wants to please Allah but doubts that s/he ever can… Then, you will want to take the time to soak up Colin's fresh new book Calling on the Prophets. It delightfully illustrates how utilize the Old Testament Prophets to open Muslim hearts, creating a desire in them to “bow the knee” to the Lord Jesus, Isa Al Masih. Highly recommended!
    Rev. Dr. Greg Livingstone
  • This is exactly what the mission world needs today—a practitioner sharing his inside experience and wisdom. Colin is both personable and practical, making this an extremely valuable resource for those wishing to share their Christian faith with Muslims.
    Roland Muller Author of Honor and Shame and The Messenger, The Message, and the Community
  • Colin Bearup writes from extensive firsthand experience of sharing his faith with Muslims. He demonstrates how we too can do this in a simple way that does not cause unnecessary offence and is, in fact, attractive to many Muslim listeners. In Calling on the Prophets you will learn about the Islamic understanding of our biblical prophets and also gain a better understanding of those prophets from a Christian viewpoint. More importantly, you will learn how you can use this understanding of the prophets to share your faith. By doing so, you will be following the example of the first apostles. While citing the prophets is not the key that unlocks every door, it is a wonderful thing to have in your toolbox.
    Brother CW The Mahabba Network, London
  • When talking to your Muslim friend, have you ever quoted Paul when you easily could have quoted Psalms of David? Motivated by a deep love for Muslims, Colin Bearup reminds us again and again that it is not truth spoken that matters, but truth understood. And by looking at the prophets, Colin helps us see how we can do better in getting our Muslim friends’ attention and helping them understand the message God wants them to hear. The result is a treasure box of sound and immensely practical advice. A great book, and highly recommended! Get it, read it, and learn from it!
    Jonathan Gutkecht WEC International
  • Calling on the Prophets has given me many new insights into understanding the prophets and how to vehicle the truth of the gospel through using their life stories and deeds in a meaningful and accurate way with Muslims. Colin Bearup stresses that love for Muslims is the priority. Our aim should be to have good relationships and to be able to speak truth understandably into the lives of the people around us. The stories of prophets such as Abraham, Joseph, and Jesus are very useful for opening a discussion and reading some verses from the Bible with our Muslim friends. Colin uses many good practical suggestions and examples to help us to be better prepared to meet those seeking and needing the Truth—the Lord Jesus. I am very thankful for this valuable new resource. As a North African, this treasure helps me to display the truth to Muslims in a loving way without getting sidetracked into trying to win arguments. I highly recommend this helpful piece of work.
    Brother Ben Hamou
  • This is one of the best books on evangelizing Muslims that I have read in my life. Not only did I read it, but I put it into practice right away. This is a relevant book for anyone who wants to share the gospel with Muslims without first becoming an expert on Islam. It serves as a bridge from what Muslims already know to what is essential—and thus to discover the plan of salvation in Jesus for their lives. At the same time, Calling on the Prophets awakens in us the awareness of our responsibility to share the good news of reconciliation with Jesus Christ. I am grateful to benefit from Colin Bearup’s in-depth personal reflection and his effective experiences of interacting with Muslims.

    François Iraguha Church planter among the Fula people in West Africa

  • Well Mister Bearup...All I can say is 90 points out of 10 for your latest book!Too much is written on apologetics and polemics nowadays...But your book is a treasure of HOW to connect with the Muslim heart using the prophets and push/place the Muslim in the direction of Christ through arousing curiosity, thoughtfulness, and respectful discussion. Every page of your book is a treasure chest of gems. May Jesus (his peace be upon us!) use this book to fuel the body of Christ with practical tools to win Muslim hearts for Christ...Rather than pummel them into the ground!

    A full time worker with Pioneers with a full time love for Muslims.

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