Perspectives on the World Christian Movement (Reader, 4th Ed)

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Table of Contents

  • Forewords
  • Introduction


Part 1: The Biblical Perspective

  • 1. The Living God is a Missionary God by John R. W. Stott
  • 2. Israel’s Missionary Call by Walter C. Kaiser, Jr.
  • 3. Everyone’s Question: What is God Trying to Do? by Stanley A. Ellisen
  • 4. The Bible in World Evangelization by John R. W. Stott
  • 5. Mission and God’s Earth by Christopher J. H. Wright
  • 6. Blessing as Transformation by Sarita D. Gallagher and Steven C. Hawthorne and The Story of Blessing Prevailing Over Curse by Richard Bauckham
  • 7. The Biblical Foundation for the Worldwide Missions Mandate by Johannes Verkuyl
  • 8. The Story of His Glory by Steven C. Hawthorne
  • 9. Let the Nations Be Glad! by John Piper
  • 10. Beyond Duty by Tim Dearborn
  • 11. On Mission With God by Henry T. Blackaby and Avery T. Willis, Jr.
  • 12. Witness to The World by David J. Bosch and Two Forces by Jonathan Lewis
  • 13. The Gospel of the Kingdom by George Eldon Ladd and D-Day before V-E Day by Ken Blue
  • 14. Building for the Kingdom by N.T. Wright
  • 15. The Kingdom of God in the Life of the World by Lesslie Newbigin
  • 16. God at War by Gregory A. Boyd and To Inaugurate His Kingdom by N.T. Wright
  • 17. Jesus and the Gentiles by H. Cornell Goerner
  • 18. A Man for All Peoples by Don Richardson and A Violent Reaction to Mercy by Patrick Johnstone
  • 19. The Master’s Plan by Robert E. Coleman
  • 20. Mandate on the Mountain by Steven C. Hawthorne
  • 21.Discipling All the Peoples by John Piper
  • 22. Acts of Obedience by Steven C. Hawthorne and The Wall and the Canyon by Steven C. Hawthorne
  • 23. The Turning Point: Setting the Gospel Free by M. R. Thomas
  • 24. Become Like, Remain Like by Harley Talman and A New Creation by David Anthony
  • 25. The Apostle Paul and the Missionary Task by Arthur F. Glasser
  • 26. The Church in God’s Plan by Howard A. Snyder
  • 27. Prayer: Rebelling Against the Status Quo by David Wells
  • 28. Strategic Prayer by John D. Robb
  • 29. Lost by Robertson McQuilkin
  • 30. The Uniqueness of Christ by Charles Van Engen
  • 31. The Supremacy of Christ by Ajith Fernando
  • 32. If I Perish by Brother Andrew
  • 33. Suffering and Martyrdom: God’s Strategy in the World by Josef Tson
  • 34. The Hope of a Coming World Revival by Robert E. Coleman
  • 35. Apostolic Passion by Floyd McClung


Part 2: The Historical Perspective
The Expansion of the World Christian Movement

  • 36. The Kingdom Strikes Back: Ten Epochs of Redemptive History by Ralph D. Winter
  • 37. The History of Mission Strategy by R. Pierce Beaver
  • 38. Asian Christianity: Facing the Rising Sun by Scott W. Sunquist
  • 39. The Two Structures of God’s Redemptive Mission by Ralph D. Winter
  • 40. Missionary Societies and the Fortunate Subversion of the Church by Andrew F. Walls
  • 41. Three Mission Eras: And the Loss and Recovery of Mission Kingdom by Ralph D. Winter
  • 42. A History of Transformation by Paul Pierson
  • 43. The Social Impact of Christian Missions by Robert D. Woodberry
  • 44. Europe’s Moravians: A Pioneer Missionary Church by Colin A. Grant
  • 45. Women in Mission by Marguerite Kraft and Meg Crossman
  • 46. A Historical Survey of African Americans in World Missions by David Cornelius
  • 47. Student Power in World Missions by David M. Howard

Pioneers of the World Christian Movement

  • 48. An Enquiry into the Obligation of Christians to Use Means for the Conversion of the Heathens by William Carey
  • 49. The Call to Service by J. Hudson Taylor
  • 50. China’s Spiritual Need and Claims by J. Hudson Taylor
  • 51. Tribes, Tongues and Translators by William Cameron Townsend
  • 52. The Glory of the Impossible by Samuel Zwemer
  • 53. The Bridges of God by Donald A. McGavran
  • 54. The New Macedonia: A Revolutionary New Era in Mission Begins by Ralph D. Winter

The Status and Future of the World Christian Movement

  • 55. The State of the Gospel by Jason Mandryk
  • 56. No Longer Emerging by Beram Kumar and The Surging Non-Western Mission Force by Bruce A. Koch
  • 57. African Sending by Timothy Olonade; Brazilian Sending by Bertil Ekström; Korean Sending by Chul Ho Han; Indian Sending by K. Rajendran; Chinese Sending by Enoch Wan; Filipino Sending by Berting Fernando; and Latin American Sending by Carlos Scott
  • 58. Now is the Time by Bill Taylor and Old Ways for a New Day by David Ruiz
  • 59. New Pioneers Leading the Way in the Final Era by Yvonne Wood Huneycutt
  • 60. Expecting a Harvest by Patrick Johnstone
  • 61. From Western Christendom to Global Christianity by Todd Johnson and Sandi S. K. Lee and The Next Christendom: The Coming of Global Christianity by Philip Jenkins
  • 62. Are We Ready for Tomorrow’s Kingdom? by Ralph D. Winter


Part 3: The Cultural Perspective
Understanding Culture

  1. 63. Understanding Culture by Lloyd E. Kwast
  2. 64. Culture, Worldview and Contextualization by Charles H. Kraft
  3. 65. The Flaw of the Excluded Middle by Paul G. Hiebert
  4. 66. Is God Colorblind or Colorful? The Gospel, Globalization and Ethnicity by Miriam Adeney and Created to Create Culture by Erich Sauer
  5. 67. Clean and Dirty: Cross-Cultural Misunderstandings in India by Paul G. Hiebert

Culture and Communication

  • 68. The Role of Culture in Communication by David J. Hesselgrave
  • 69. Redemptive Analogy by Don Richardson
  • 70. Making Disciples of Oral Learners by International Orality Network
  • 71. Why Communicate the Gospel through Stories? by Tom A. Steffen and Transforming Worldviews through the Biblical Story by D. Bruce Graham
  • 72. Three Encounters in Christian Witness by Charles H. Kraft
  • 73. Finding a Place and Serving Movements Within Society by Paul G. Hiebert; Culture Shock: Starting Over by Paul G. Hiebert; and Closing the Gap by Donald N. Larson
  • 74. Communication and Social Structure by Eugene A. Nida

Identity in Culture

  • 75. The Difference Bonding Makes by Elizabeth S. and E. Thomas Brewster
  • 76. Identification in the Missionary Task by William D. Reyburn
  • 77. Identity With Integrity: Apostolic Ministry in the 21st Century by Rick Love; Google-Proof Transparency by L. Mak; and As Unknown, Yet Well-Known: Commending Ourselves as Servants by Bob Blincoe
  • 78. Missions and Money by Phil Parshall; Different Views Concerning Relationships and Money by Joseph Cumming; and The Role of the Righteous Rich by Jonathan J. Bonk

Gospel and Culture Change

  • 79. Do Missionaries Destroy Cultures? by Don Richardson
  • 80. Discovering the Holy Spirit’s Work in a Community by T. Wayne Dye
  • 81. Cultural Implications of an Indigenous Church by William A. Smalley
  • 82. The Missionary’s Role in Culture Change by Dale W. Kietzman and William A. Smalley
  • 83. The Willowbank Report by The Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization


Part 4: The Strategic Perspective
Strategy for World Evangelization

  • 84. Finishing the Task: The Unreached Peoples Challenge by Ralph D. Winter and Bruce A. Koch
  • 85. Covering the Globe by Patrick Johnstone and God’s Symphony of Effort by Bruce A. Koch and Krikor Markarian
  • 86. The Challenge of the Cities by Roger S. Greenway
  • 87. From Every Language by Barbara F. Grimes
  • 88. Who (Really) Was William Carey? by Vishal and Ruth Mangalwadi
  • 89. The Mission of the Kingdom by Ralph D. Winter
  • 90. On the Cutting Edge of Mission Strategy by C. Peter Wagner
  • 91. Christian Witness to the Chinese People by Thomas Wang and Sharon Chan
  • 92. Christ Movements in the Hindu World by H. L. Richard

Strategies for Transforming Communities

  • 93. State of World Need by World Relief
  • 94. Evangelism: The Leading Partner by Samuel Hugh Moffett
  • 95. Transformational Development: God at Work Changing People and Their Communities by Samuel J. Voorhies
  • 96. What is Poverty Anyway? by Bryant L. Myers
  • 97. The Urban Poor: Who Are We? by Viv Grigg
  • 98. Cities and Salt: Counter-Cultures for the Common Good by Tim Keller
  • 99. Wiping Out HIV by Kay Warren and The Church—The Greatest Force on Earth by Rick Warren
  • 100. Healing the Wounds of the World by John Dawson

Strategies for Church Movements

  • 101. A Church in Every People: Plain Talk About a Difficult Subject by Donald A. McGavran
  • 102. The Spontaneous Multiplication of Churches by George Patterson
  • 103. Organic Church by Neil Cole
  • 104. Church Planting Movements by David Garrison
  • 105. Mission Comes Home by Andrew Jones
  • 106. Evangelization of Whole Families by Wee Hian Chua
  • 107. Dependency by Glenn Schwartz
  • 108. His Glory Made Visible: Saturation Church Planting by Jim Montgomery and The Shopping Window of God by Wolfgang Simson
  • 109. Going Too Far? by Phil Parshall and The C-Spectrum by John J. Travis
  • 110. Must All Muslims Leave “Islam” to Follow Jesus? by John J. Travis and Going Far Enough? by Ralph D. Winter
  • 111. Insider Movements: Retaining Identity and Preserving Community by Rebecca Lewis adn Three Types of Christward Movements by Rick Brown and Steven C. Hawthorne

Case Studies

  • 112. A Pioneer Team in Zambia, Africa by Phillip Elkins
  • 113. Distant Thunder: Mongols Follow the Khan of Khans by Brian Hogan
  • 114. The Zaraban Breakthrough by Ken Harkin and Ted Moore
  • 115. Planting Churches: Learning the Hard Way by Tim and Rebecca Lewis
  • 116. Pigs, Ponds and the Gospel by James W. Gustafson
  • 117. A Movement of God Among the Bhojpuri of North India by David L. Watson and Paul D. Watson
  • 118. Ourselves as Servants: Latin American Workers in the Middle East by Andres and Angelica Guzman
  • 119. A Movement of Christ Worshipers in India by Dean Hubbard
  • 120. A Movement to Jesus Among Muslims by Rick Brown
  • 121. An Upper Class People Movement by Clyde W. Taylor
  • 122. The Impact of Missionary Radio on Church Planting by William Mial
  • 123. The Awakening of the Persian Church by Gilbert Hovsepian and Krikor Markarian
  • 124. South Asia: Vegetables, Fish and Messianic Mosques by Shah Ali with J. Dudley Woodberry

World Christian Discipleship

  • 125. Beyond Loving the World: Serving the Son for His Surpassing Glory by David Bryant
  • 126. Reconsecration: To a Wartime, Not a Peacetime, Lifestyle by Ralph D. Winter
  • 127. Life on Purpose by Claude Hickman, Steven C. Hawthorne and Todd Ahrend

Strategic Pursuit of God’s Purpose

  • 128. Join the World Christian Movement by Ralph D. Winter
  • 129. Live with Intentionality by Caroline D. Bower and Lynne Ellis
  • 130. Just Willing by Casey Morgan and All or Nothing? by Greg Livingstone
  • 131. Your Journey to the Nations: Ten Steps to Help Get You There by Steve Hoke and Bill Taylor
  • 132. The Awesome Potential for Mission Found in Local Churches by George Miley and Be a Church Whisperer by Larry Walker
  • 133. Welcoming the World at Your Door by Douglas Shaw and Bob Norsworthy
  • 134. Missio Dei or “Missio Me”? Short-Term Missions and God’s Global Purpose by Roger Peterson
  • 135. Restoring the Role of Business in Mission by Steve Rundle; Blessing Berabistan: Doing Mission Differently by Nicole Forcier; and Tentmakers: Integrating Work and Witness by Ruth E. Siemens
  • 136. The Lausanne Covenant


by: Ralph D. Winter (Editor), Steven C. Hawthorne (Editor)
Perspectives on the World Christian Movement presents a multi-faceted collection of readings exploring the biblical, historical, cultural, and strategic dimensions of world evangelization.

Writings from more than 150 mission scholars and practitioners (over 60 of them new to this edition) portray the history and anticipate the potential of the global Christian movement. Every one of the 170 articles and side bars offers practical wisdom enabling Christians to labor together in bold, biblical hope to finish the task of seeing that Christ is named and followed among all the peoples of the earth.

The Fourth Edition contains over 60 articles and sidebars that are new to this edition. Many articles have been updated and revised.

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  • Pages: 804
  • Publisher: William Carey Library
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publish Year: 2009
  • ISBN: 9780878083909
  • Vendor: William Carey Library

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