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Developing Indigenous Leaders (SEANET 10)

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1. More Pro-Jesus than Anti-Buddha: Developing Positive Leaders
Russell H. Bowers, Jr.

2. “You Think in Lines, We Think in Circles”: Oral Communication Implications in the Training of Indigenous Leaders
Steve Evans

3. Empowering Fourth Generation Disciples: Grassroots Leadership Training in Japan and Beyond
Mitsuo Fukuda

4. Developing Church Leaders Through Apprenticeship
Carolyn S. Johnson

5. Developing Transformational Leaders for Church Multiplication Movements In the Buddhist World
David S. Lim

6. Leadership Development among Neo-Buddhist Disciples
J.N. Manokaran

7. Understanding and Strategizing Christian Leadership Development for the Thai Buddhist Context
Chansamone Saiyasak

8. Training Indigenous Leaders in Thai Buddhist Contexts
Alex G Smith

9. The Buddhist Monk’s Leadership Role as a Parish Priest and Its Impact on Christianity in Sri Lanka
G.P.V. Somaratna

10. Emerging Indigenous Leaders for Jesus Movements in the Myanmar Buddhist Context
Peter Thein Nyunt


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by: Paul H. De Neui (Editor)
Every movement is only one generation from dying out. Leadership development remains the critical issue for mission endeavors around the world. How are leaders developed from the local context for the local context? What is the role of the expatriate in this process? What models of hope are available for those seeking further direction in this area, particularly in mission to the Buddhist world of Asia? To answer these and several other questions, SEANET proudly presents the tenth volume in its series on practical missiology, Developing Indigenous Leaders: Lessons in Mission from Buddhist Asia.
Each chapter in this volume is written by a practitioner and a mission scholar. The ten authors come from a wide range of ecclesial and national backgrounds and represent service in ten different Buddhist contexts of Asia. With biblical integrity and cultural sensitivity, these chapters provide honest reflection, insight, and guidance.
There is perhaps no more crucial issue than the development of dedicated indigenous leaders who will remain long after missionaries have returned home. If you are concerned about raising up leaders in your ministry in whatever cultural context it may be, this volume will be an important addition to your library.

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