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Walking Together on the Jesus Road

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SECTION 1: Share Your Life
Chapter 1 Walk alongside Disciples
Chapter 2 Model What You Want Disciples to Be

SECTION 2: Listen to Disciples
Chapter 3 Learn Disciples’ Culture
Chapter 4 Respect Disciples As Adults
Chapter 5 Take Disciples’ Concerns Seriously
Chapter 6 Engage With Unseen Powers

SECTION 3: Focus on Relationships
Chapter 7 Lead Disciples through the Process of Transformation
Chapter 8 Help Disciples Find Identity Through Belonging

SECTION 4: Contextualize
Chapter 9 Contextualize the Gospel
Chapter 10 Contextualize Community
Chapter 11 Contextualize What You Teach
Chapter 12 Contextualize How You Teach

SECTION 5: Prepare to Leave
Chapter 13 Move On

Appendix 1 Recommended Books for Further Reading
Appendix 2 Ethnographic Questions Relating to Unseen Powers


Walking Together on the Jesus Road
Discipling In Intercultural Contexts
Evelyn and Richard Hibbert (Author)
Christians who serve Jesus among people from a different culture than their own often struggle to find a good way to disciple people. Walking Together on the Jesus Road addresses this need by guiding readers through three essential practices for making disciples across cultures: listening to disciples to get to know them and their context, focusing on relationships with Christ, fellow disciples, and others, and enabling disciples to live out their faith in culturally relevant ways. These practices are the foundation for the long-term, intentional process of helping disciples from other cultures become more like Jesus. The book also engages with practical challenges, such as enabling disciples to find and belong to a nurturing community of faith, as well as contextualizing the way we teach the Bible.


  • Many times discussions about discipling others cross culturally center around taking the best from our home culture and translating those ideas or materials. This book offers tools to the cross cultural discipler to better discern what intercultural discipleship looks like, and describes the various processes to get there. I would highly recommend reading this book together as a team.
    David Riddellinternational director, World Team
  • This book is well written, comprehensive, practical, and easy to read. We recommend it to those who desire to be effective in cross cultural ministry and for training of cross-cultural workers.
    Chiew Yoke and Phaik See LEEdeputy international directors, WEC International

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