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Screams in the Desert

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1. Great Expectations

2. Diarrhea and Team Life

3. Terrorists and Chocolate Cake

4. Culture Shock Without Electricity

5. Maybe Normal, Maybe Different... Definitely His

6. Getting Into Hot Water

7. Flesh or Spirit?

8. Survival in a New City

9. Reverse Psychology and God

10. Suicide and Laundry

11. Jesus Loves Me

12. Facing Change... Almost Fearlessly

13. Let Me Show You

14. Listen, God, I’m Speaking

15. Language Learning Made Difficult

16. Pursuing God

17. If I Were a Warthog

18. Little Shoe in a Big City… Little Faith in a Big God

19. It's Me Again, Lord, and I Need Your Help

20. A Mother's Prayer Journal

21. A Godly Car?

22. In Appreciation of My Thyroid

23. Eternity In and Out of My Home

24. Creative Outlooks

25. I Gave God My Life, but Not My Toothbrush

26. Running Away from Home

27. Third Culture Kids, Peanut Butter and GI Joe

28. To Hide or Confess, That Is the Question

29. Eight Hours and a Camel

30. Faithfulness, Perseverance and Trusting in God

31. Balconies, Jump Ropes and Little Girls

32. Saying Good-bye Twice

33. Thoughts About Underwear, Police and Uncertainty

34. Jesus is Always Undisturbed

35. Barb's Legacy

36. An M is Better When Followed by "&M"

37. Of Headaches and Hospitality

38. The Totaled Women's Rest in His Everlasting Arms

39. A Daughter's Tears

40. Becoming a Mother-in-Law

41. Who Will Pack my Computer?

42. Time and a Changing Perspective

43. Loneliness and a Swiss Mountain Man

44. The Power of Words

45. Unexpected Opportunities Meet Faith

46. Welcoming a New Neighbor… or Not

47. God's Will is Better Than Life

48. Praying for Safety

49. Why Am I Still in Culture Shock?

50. Forgiving Dirty Old (and Young) Men

51. To Adapt or Not to Adapt, That is the Question

52. Do the Possible… Trust God for the Impossible… Don't Confuse the Two

Screams in the Desert
Hope and Humor for Women in Cross-Cultural Ministry
by: Sue Eenigenburg (Author)
Screams in the Desert is an invitation to participate in one woman’s cross-cultural journey and the lessons she learns along the way. Sue Eenigenburg’s poignant and humorous accounts of life overseas provide insight into issues that many women encounter in the mission field. Join Sue for trips to the zoo, bouts of illness, landmine fields, miscommunications, and other everyday experiences of life in a foreign country.

Providing women with examples to learn by, scripture to meditate on, and space to write about personal experiences, Screams in the Desert offers hope and humor to women working cross-culturally.


  • Insightful and creatively written, this book is a companion on the road of ministry, an apt encouragement for the weary on the way. Sue's stories echo a refrain of praise in danger and humor in disappointment, encouraging and enabling worker and supporter alike.
    Cynthia A. Strong, PhDSimpson University
  • Not many people understand the unique stressors of working cross-culturally. Sue's candid and humorous description of her everyday experiences as a missionary gives insight into her spiritual journey. She is transparent with her emotions and struggles - acknowledging that each story does not necessarily have a happy ending. What better way to encourage fellow sisters to persevere than to share the realities of life with the truth of Scripture?

    Lorrie LindgrenExecutive Director, Women of the Harvest

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  • Pages: 286
  • Publisher: William Carey Library
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publish Year: 2007
  • ISBN: 9780878085170
  • Vendor: William Carey Library