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Managing Conflict Creatively (30th Anniversary Edition)

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Table of Contents


Author’s Preface

Publisher’s Preface


Section I: The Dynamics of Conflict

Definition of Conflict

The Inevitability of Conflict

The Underlying Causes of Conflict

The Issues Involved in Conflict

The Four Types of Conflict

The Potential in Conflict


Section II: Styles of Conflict Management

The Five Styles of Conflict Management

Important Principles Regarding Styles



Section III: The Bible and Conflict

Types of Conflict in the Bible

Seven Biblical Passages on Conflict



Section IV: Development of Conflict Management Skills

Learn the Stages in the Conflict Cycle

Manage Conflict in Its First Stages

Develop an Effective Conflict Management Strategy

The Qualities and Role of a Referee


Case Study #1


Section V: Cross-Cultural Factors

Styles of Leadership

The Negotiation Process

Time Orientation

Direct Versus Indirect Approach

Decision-Making Process


Ten Recommendations


Case Study #2

Case Study #3



Managing Conflict Creatively (30th Anniversary Edition)
A Guide for Missionaries & Christian Workers
Donald C. Palmer
What does the Bible say about conflict resolution? 

Nobody likes conflict, especially when both parties are “part of the same team.” Unresolved conflict can lead to missionary attrition, but healthy conflict-resolution can be a wonderful growth opportunity, leading to problem-solving and team-building.

In Managing Conflict Creatively, Dr. Palmer first introduces the dynamics of conflict and the common styles of conflict management. After providing a Biblical background, he then identifies types of conflict and how to develop conflict management skills, specifically in cross-cultural situations. Lose your fear of conflict as you walk through case studies, engage in discussion questions, and learn to:

  • Identify the stages of conflict and steps of healthy problem solving
  • Encourage healthy conflict resolution in its early stages
  • Identify your personal conflict style and the characteristics of an effective moderator
  • Overreact less amid conflict
  • Consciously choose a conflict-resolution style tailored to each situation
  • Disagree well and resolve conflicts and misunderstandings without harming your witness
  • Manage conflict in positive ways that foster growth and collaboration

This manual is intended to serve as a teaching tool and a study guide for cross-cultural conflict management courses in Bible colleges, mission organizations, and churches. Thirty years after its original publication, this practical, Bible-centered approach to the dynamics of conflict and conflict management in cross-cultural situations remains relevant, both abroad and in today’s hybrid cities.



      Palmer’s book evidences abundant understandings of cross-cultural conflictproblems. No neophyte in missions, the author has mastered conflict managementliterature and subjected it to the realities of the extensive personal strugglesexisting both at home and overseas. This is a rich compendium of Biblical guidelines,styles of conflict management and their development, and the emergent cross-cultural factors that create a unique ethos in each context.
      Warren S. Benson, PhD

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