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Made to Love

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Chapter 1 The Devil of a Time  

Chapter 2 The Best Kept Secret. Ever.  

Chapter 3 Please Accept My Apology  

Chapter 4 The Phantom and the Opera  

Chapter 5 Naked and Afraid  

Chapter 6 Checkmate  

Chapter 7 Let’s Talk  

Chapter 8 Getting Served by Miss Addie  

Chapter 9 Take It Out of the Box  

Chapter 10 The Tools of the Trade  

Chapter 11 The Original Marketer  

Chapter 12 How Then Shall We Live?  

 Chapter 13 Fruitless  

Chapter 14 Chris-Cross  

Chapter 15 White Knuckle Grip  

Chapter 16 Chocolate or Vanilla  

Chapter 17 Free to Love  

Chapter 18 Going Septic  

Chapter 19 Get Up and Go  

 Chapter 20 Oh My Soul, Korea  

Chapter 21 The Greatest Love Story of All Time  

Chapter 22 A Father’s Love  




Made to Love
Becoming a Fearless Follower of Jesus
Geoff Peters

Being and Becoming Who He Made You to Be

Do you ever fail to connect God’s mission of love, reconciliation, and compassion to your daily life? God’s message was simple, and we’ve made it complicated—allowing fear, shame, culture-locked language, and traditions to stop us from aligning ourselves with God’s heart for the world.

In Made to Love, Geoff Peters sheds light on the deeper story for why we are here and addresses the great divide between what we are called to do and what we actually do. He also lovingly points toward places where we, as ministry leaders, may have failed those we seek to serve.

Based on research with Christians in seven countries and wrapped in the author’s personal story and reflections, Made to Love challenges us to rethink the words and ideas we use to inspire disciples for kingdom service in our own neighborhoods and around the world.


  • In Made to Love, Geoff Peters invites us to live more deeply in the adventure of Christian believing and living. I use those two words on purpose: Peters is serious about shaping faith in the God who loves us, but he is no less committed to displaying the God who sends us to live and serve in the world. He does this through a collection of honest and vulnerable reflections on God’s work through his own experiences in childhood and marriage, parenthood and work, mission and ministry, in both successes and failures. In the end, the reader finds that Made to Love is both a description and a command—a reminder of who we are (loved by God), and who we are called to be: children of a God who sends us to love. For Christians seeking to renew their sense of identity and calling, or for those who may be meeting Jesus for the first time, Peters offers a wonderful gift in Made to Love.
    Rev. Jeffrey Conklin-Miller, ThD,  Learning Lead and Tutor in Evangelism and Missiology, Cliff College, Derbyshire, UK  
  • My friend Geoff Peters is a uniquely authentic leader who has the gift of engaging anyone, anywhere, through the power of story. In this book, Geoff uses candor, humor, and a refreshing use of Scripture to weave together the power of his personal story with the story of God. As I read it, I was drawn to how God uses our experiences, no matter how challenging, for his purposes and his mission. I encourage you to pick up this book and find how you too can say yes to playing your role in God’s love story.
    Jeff Holck, DMissDirector of Partnerships and Training, Fuller Center for Spiritual Formation Adjunct Assistant Professor of Leadership, Fuller Theological Seminary
  • We’re in a place of huge disruption as a society and as churches. The leadership systems and training we have in place as God’s people are failing us. Any engagement with this unraveling requires a transformed understanding of who we are before God. This is what Geoff is chronicling for us. More than a personal journey filled with critical and helpful stories, Geoff points us toward the “one thing that matters” for the renewal of leadership in this strange new place.
    Alan J. RoxburghThe Missional Network
  • Made to Love reminds us of God’s grand Love story, and how he has written humanity (that’s us) into that story as his representatives to live out his love on earth. Geoff uses both his own story, told very vulnerably, and recent research that he commissioned globally to show the massive gap in our understanding of what representing God looks like, and who can and should do it. Like Geoff, I honor the past, but with him I am convinced that much has to change in our structures, our programs, our language, and what we believe about ourselves if we are to see followers of Jesus fully embrace their created purpose. Made to Love will help you reflect on these things and hopefully give you courage and the heart of love needed to make seismic shifts in your life and the world around you. This book is not for those who are content with where they are and believe we are living up to our potential as the body of Christ. It’s for those who believe otherwise and want some guidance for a new direction.

    Andrew ScottPresident and CEO, Operation Mobilization (USA) Cofounder, Scatter Global Author, Scatter: Go Therefore and Take Your Job with You

  • I resonate with Geoff’s belief that God is more interested in our willingness to follow His commands than He is in the result of our work. Having worked closely with women who are ministering cross-culturally for the past twenty-two years, I hear the struggle of wanting to see the fruit of our investment in the lives of those who do not yet know Christ.  We want to measure the Kingdom impact we are having and have a success story to tell our sending churches and supporters! What is the Lord asking you to do to participate in God’s work in the world? I believe reading this book will help bring clarity and inspiration to the Lord’s invitation to you.  Listen well!

    Lorrie LindgrenCEO of Thrive Ministry

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