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African-American Experience in World Mission

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Table of Contents

Part I. The Call Beyond Community

  • 1. Moving Beyond the Community by Rebecca Walston & Robert Stevens
  • 2. Missions in the Local Church: Four Pastors’ Perspectives Edited by Rebecca Walston
  • 3. Am I My Brother’s Keeper? The Search for African-American Presence in Missions by Michael Johnson
  • 4. The Role of the African-American Church in Global Evangelization by Vaughn Walston

Part II. African-Americans’ Historical Presence in Missions

  • 5. Black American Missionaries In Africa: 1821-1925 by William Seraile
  • 6. African Missions and The African-American Christian Churches by Sylvia M. Jacobs
  • 7. A Brief Historical Survey of African–American Involvement in International Missions by David Cornelius and Robert Gordon
  • 8. Joseph Jeter by Thomas M. Watkins
  • 9. An Interview with Elder Donald Canty by Wendell Robinson and Virgil Amos, Edited by Southeast Regional Office of USCWM
  • 10. Dr. Ben Johnson An Intellectual Force In Black Missions Movement by Thomas M. Watkins

Part III. African-Americans Crossing Cultures

  • 11. Wanted: Black Missionaries, But How? by Leslie Pelt
  • 12. Back to Africa by Harold R. Isaacs
  • 13. Negro Missionary Reaction to Africa Symposium by Jeanne Davis, Yenwith and Muriel Whitney, Kermit and Irene Overton, and William D. Reyburn
  • 14. Is Anyone Safe Around Here? by Michael Johnson
  • 15. My Experience as a West African Missionary by Daisie Whaley, Edited by Shannon Newlin
  • 16. Central Asia: cross cultural Perceptions and Experiences by Cecil Stewart
  • 17. The Missing Black Missionary by Dick Hillis

Part IV. Connecting to Africa and Other Nations

  • 18. COMINAD and the Adopt-a-Village Initiative: Mobilizing the African-American Church for Missions and Demonstrating Reconciliation to the World by Brian Johnson & Jack Gaines, Sr.
  • 19. How Black is the Harvester? A Profile of the African-American Intercultural Missionary Force, The Extent of the Problem by Jim Sutherland
  • 20. A History of Christianity in Africa by Mark R. Shaw
  • 21. Working in Unity by Brian Johnson
  • 22. The African Christian Fellowship, U.S.A. Strategic Links with the Diaspora and the World by Elijah O. Adeoye & Matthew N. O. Sadiku, Edited by Frank E. Gainer

Part V. The African-American Church and African Mission in the 21st Century

  • 23. The Challenges of an Effective Missionary Strategy by Chinaka S. DomNwachukwu
  • 24. Jesus in African Culture (a Ghanaian perspective) by Kwame Bediako
  • 25. Mobilizing the African-American Church for Global Evangelization by Vaughn Walston
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  • Bibliography
  • Index

by: Vaughn J. Walston (Editor), Robert J. Stevens (Editor)
Venture into the world of overseas missions from an African-American perspective. This collection of articles takes you deep into the history of missions in the African-American community. You will learn of the struggles to stay connected to the world of missions in spite of great obstacles. You will read of unique cultural experiences while traveling abroad. You will feel the heart for fulfilling the Great Commission both in the African-American community and beyond. All text remains the same in this revised edition, with the exception of new study guide questions at the close of each chapter. The questions can be used to help facilitate discussions in Sunday School, Bible study, seminary classes, conference workshops and other group or individual studies.

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