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A Christian Approach to Muslims

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Chapter 1 – Akwaba—Meet Me and My Neighbors

Chapter 2 – The Problem of Where to Begin

Chapter 3 – Same Words—Different Meanings

Chapter 4- Getting to the Heart of Things

Chapter 5 – You Are My Witness

Chapter 6 – Truth and Freedom

Chapter 7 – Conversion

Chapter 8 – Dialogue

Chapter 9 – All Things to All Men

Chapter 10 – Paving New Ground

Chapter 11 – Muhammad and The Quran

Chapter 12 – A Day of Good News

Appendix A. – The Same God

Appendix B. – The Name Isa




Index to Biblical and Quranic References

General Index

Format: Paperback
A Christian Approach to Muslims
Reflections from West Africa
Dr. James P. Dretke
Muslims and Christians are in dialogue with each other whenever they meet. Their interaction may be stimulating and edifying, or it may be extremely negative.

A Christian Approach to Muslims: Reflections from West Africa endeavors to isolate some of the communication problems that beset Christians and Muslims. The book's finding is that the primary distinction between Christianity and Islam rests in the attitude of each towards the law of God, and the practice which grows out of this understanding. For Islam, the shari'a is central; for Christianity, it is the gospel.

James Dretke, former director of the Islam-in-Africa Project, had long experience in Muslim Africa, especially Ghana, and in this book, he reflects creatively on the theme of a Christian approach.


  • A unique, in-depth study of a vital subject, demanding an honest examination of our methods and particularly of our motives and attitudes in seeking to bring Christ to the Muslim and the Muslim to Christ.
    Raymond H. JoyceExecutive Secretary, Fellowship of Faith for Muslims
  • Three hundred fifty million Christians and Muslims intermingle in the towns and hamlets of Africa ... Dr. James Dretke listened intently to the dialogue and captured the vital significance of the encounter. This book is a must for everyone concerned about responsible Christian presence and witness among Muslims! The principles Dr. Dretke has uncovered within the African experience are vital to the world-wide meeting of Christians and Muslims.
    David W. Shenk, PhDDepartment of Philosophy and Religion, University of Nairobi
  • With James Dretke’s long experience in that area of the Muslim world, and especially in Ghana, he is well able to reflect creatively on the theme of “Christian Approach.” His contribution will undoubtedly be welcomed everywhere, and especially by those engaged in the sharing of the Gospel with Muslims on the African continent.
    Roland E. MillerAcademic Dean, Luther College, Saskatchewan, Canada

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