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Peoples On the Move

By: David J. Phillips

Nomads — they inhabit every continent yet have “no abiding city.” Always on the move, they are often “invisible,” unreached, despised, and easily forgotten by settled citizens. This is the most comprehensive source of information on all the nomadic peoples of the world and includes maps, black and white photographs, people profiles, and bibliographic data.

Searching for the Indigenous Church

By: Gene Daniels

“This book bubbles up out of the heart of a man who has been on pilgrimage in Central Asia’s heartland. He has walked the dusty caravan trails he writes about in this perceptive and challenging book . . . . I’ve walked beside him as together we’ve sought to see Christ plant His church among an unreached Central Asian people group . . . . Gene will challenge you to radically rethink what we mean . . . when we speak of indigenous churches.” –John Lee (pseudonym), Missionary, Central Asia

Peoples of the World Poster


A new, full-color wall poster from the U.S. Center for World Mission
A 19" by 27" poster reflecting updated statistics on the reached and unreached people groups of the world. This poster shows in chart form the extent of the gospel and the need of the world. It graphically illustrates the numbers of reached and unreached peoples in the Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, ethnic religious, and non-religious cultural groups of our world. This wall poster shows the great imbalance and the need of focusing on the yet-unreached people of the world. This is the completely revised version (4th edition) of a wall poster that has powerfully mobilized efforts toward unreached peoples for 30 years! A great addition to the offices of pastors, the bulletin boards of churches, dorm rooms and apartments of students, and the homes of laypeople everywhere!

Size 19 x 27 inches

Important Shipping Information:
Mailed in the US via First Class or Priority Mail in a cylindrical tube (postage is $4 for the first poster and $1 more for each additional poster)
Postage for the poster(s) will be calculated and added in later by the order desk.

I Will Do A New Thing (2011 Edition)

By: Roberta H. Winter

It all started when Ralph Winter gave an address at Lausanne called “The Unfinished Task,” urging the missions world to focus on a new type of evangelism to reach “hidden” or “unreached” peoples. Soon he and his wife Roberta were founding a center to help mission agencies fulfill that task. Around them gathered a group of experienced missionaries, computer scientists, and unusually dedicated young people in order to buy a college campus.

This story, as told by Roberta, of their cliff-hanging prayer meetings and spiritual battles with a cult will reignite your determination to work with Jesus to “finish the Father’s work” (John 4).

This new edition includes previously unpublished chapters from her original manuscript, and an updated epilogue inviting you to partner with the USCWM today, as the task remains unfinished.

Don’t read this story unless you’re willing to have your horizons stretched, your faith tested, and your future disturbed!

The Ralph D. Winter Story

By: Harold Fickett

Legendary missionary strategist Ralph D. Winter always provoked strong reactions, one way or another. This long overdue book captures both the genius and the controversy of a self-described “social engineer,” named by Time magazine as one of the 25 Most Influential Evangelicals in America.