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Building Credible Multicultural Teams

By: Lianne Roembke

With 25 years of experience working on multicultural mission teams, Roembke helps the reader to identify and clarify credibility factors as well as problem areas of multicultural teams.  She also offers concrete points of action for mission executives, team leaders and missionaries - whether they are seeking training for new missionaries or seeking to make changes to existing teams.  Ultimately the aim of this book is to deal with concerns of multicultural mission teams so they can live together in such a way as to attract others to the person of Christ.

Leading Multicultural Teams

By: Evelyn and Richard Hibbert

Churches and mission agencies are increasingly characterized by cultural diversity. As a result, many Christians find themselves working as part of a multicultural team. Leading these teams is a complex challenge that requires team leaders to understand how to help multicultural teams thrive. Team leaders need to know how to help team members grow in particular qualities and acquire specific skills related to multicultural teamwork. This book integrates insights from the Bible, team theory, leadership, and intercultural studies to explain how leaders of multicultural teams can help their teams become enriching and enjoyable  contexts to work in, at the same time as achieving their purpose.