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The Legacy of William Carey

By: Vishal & Ruth Mangalwadi

Many know of William Carey, but few understand the profound contemporary significance of his life. This biography of the central character in the story of India’s modernization and transformation will help you understand Carey’s impact. It is also a charge to all Christians to respond in kind within our own cultures and to use Carey’s example as our model for taking the light of the Gospel into every corner of society. Includes study guide.

Holistic Entrepreneurs in China

By: Kim-kwong Chan & Tetsunao Yamamori

“This book is educational, encouraging, and inspirational. It is a book not just for those in business but for all who care about the Chinese people and want to understand how economic change is bringing about a new society. It is full of practical information, starting with the basics anyone working in China should know about history, culture, and the economy, and points out issues and opportunities for Christians wanting to work in China. The cumulative impact is one of encouragement.” –Carol Hamrin, George Mason University

Local Ownership Global Change

By: Roland Hoksbergen and Lowell M. Ewert, eds.

Will Civil Society Save the World? As global changes occur at breathtaking speed and our communities seemingly become more violent and desolate, many people have come to understand the importance of promoting human development in all corners of the world. Yet we must still grapple with the question of what role civil society should play in that effort and how it should go about addressing those challenges. This book covers the spectrum of that debate within Christian circles. The authors, approaching this topic from diverse disciplines and orientations, vary in their views and probe at the topic with great enthusiasm, exposing multifaceted insights, questions and practices of civil society, development and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Worldview for Christian Witness

By: Charles H. Kraft

In Worldview for Christian Witness, Charles Kraft invites readers to understand REALITY as God sees it by learning to take seriously the insights of other societies. The diversity of cultures can seem obvious, but to really understand the significance of those surface level differences, one needs to understand the deep level assumptions on which they are based.