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Missions from the Majority World (EMS17)

By: Enoch Wan and Michael Pocock, eds.

The churches from the whole world are joined in the effort to reach the whole world. Although it has been documented that Western missionaries serving outside their countries still comprise the majority of world missions workers, the growth rate of majority world missionaries far outpaces that of the West. In recent years, while Western missionary forces are shrinking in numbers and possibly in influence, missions from the majority world have proliferated, bringing amazing progress and some challenges.

Missions from the Majority World represents the thinking of 14 majority world mission scholars and 10 Westerners with lengthy experience in the missionary enterprise. The book shows the progress and challenges of missions from the majority world and illustrates this by case studies from Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Global Member Care

By: Kelly O'Donnell

If you are interested in growing as a person and developing your member care skills, then this book is for you. Global Member Care: The Pearls and Perils of Good Practice is the latest book from Kelly O’Donnell, launching the member care field further into the international world of mission/aid.

Part One reviews member care history and includes future directions in light of global realities. Part Two examines the crucial area of health/dysfunction with specific suggestions for good relationships, management, and governance. Part Three explores core ethics and human rights principles that are essential for good practice.

Pearls and Perils is a contemporary text for training in universities, seminaries, and mission/aid settings. Its principles and resources also make it a great handbook for sending groups and all those with member care responsibilities.

Diaspora Missiology (EMS 23)

By: Michael Pocock and Enoch Wan, editors

For many years, cross-cultural missions were directed to people in the countries of their birth, generally in Majority World areas. Foreigners present among or around the intended focus of ministry were not viewed as part of mission ministry.  Diaspora missions focus on these peoples, who are now actually and virtually in more accessible places. This book will help you understand the dynamics behind this accelerated movement of peoples from one region to another, biblical principles and precedents that guide ministry today, the application of social and communication studies, and actual cases of ministry to and with diaspora peoples.