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Circles of Blessing

By: David Tucker & Arlene Knickerbocker

Dave and Kathy Tucker served as missionaries in Irian Jaya, Indonesia, for nine years. This is the story of how God used them to bring the message of redemption to many of the Kayagar tribal people.

Abuse of Christian Women in India

By: Jane McNally, Berkeley and Alvera Mickelsen

Jane McNally, who spent most of her life in India, uncovers the problem of abuse in Indian Christian homes with accuracy and authority as well as with pain and passion. The outlined Bible studies help the reader to understand the true biblical and God-given relationship of woman and man, which is the only hope for the redemption of family life, in India and the world.

Eternity in Their Hearts - Revised

By: Don Richardson

Probably no single book will be more astounding to those who think that they already understand either global missions or the Bible! This paperback contains many exciting stories of how the concept of a Supreme God existed for centuries in hundreds of cultures around the world.