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Justinian Welz

By: James Scherer

Welz’s martyrdom on the coast of Surinam in 1668 sparked the imagination of Christians, which one generation later ignited a blaze of missionary devotion.

China’s Christian Martyrs

By: Paul Hattaway

China's Christian Martyrs is the first ever attempt to document the stirring testimonies of thousands of believers throughout history who have crowned their commitment to Jesus Christ by laying down their lives in China. Hattaway has painstakingly researched and recorded more than 500 inspirational profiles. From the Tibetan Christian who was bound and sewn into a wet yak skin and left in the sun to be squeezed to death as the skin tightened; to the Uygur Christians in northwest China who were told by the Muslim Emir, It is my duty, according to our law, to put you to death because by your preaching you have destroyed our faith! China's martyrs have included some famous names, such as John and Betty Stam, Eric Liddell whose life was celebrated in Chariots of Fire, and Watchman Nee. But the great majority of China's martyrs have been simple men and women, boys and girls whom the world had no regard for. They perished in countless places and by the most barbaric methods, but were all raised imperishable because of their faith in Jesus Christ. China's Christian Martyrs will not fail to encourage and challenge you to a deeper walk with Jesus Christ. A must for any serious Christian and a book you will return to for inspiration throughout your life.


By: Paul Hattaway

In the ‘Fire & Blood’ series, Paul Hattaway charts the story of the Christian church in China from earliest beginnings to the present day. This comprehensive first volume tells the stories of those who have died for their faith in Christ in China, from all creeds or denominations and nationalities, including indigenous Chinese believers. Illustrated with more than 500 b/w illustrations. With Forewords by Brother Yun (The Heavenly Man), Moses Xie and Dr Tom White

Sorrow & Blood


On behalf of the WEA Mission Commission, William Carey Library is pleased to launch a landmark anthology and resource.

This is a new publication in the Globalization of Mission series, Sorrow & Blood: Christian Mission in Contexts of Suffering, Persecution, and Martyrdom. The editorial team of William Taylor (USA), Tonica van der Meer (Brazil), and Reg Reimer (Canada) worked over four years to compile this unique resource anthology.

This book is the product of the Mission Commission's global missiology task force and a worldwide team of committed colleagues and writers. Some 62 writers from 23 nations have collaborated to generate this unique global resource and anthology. Ajith Fernando of Sri Lanka and Christopher Wright of the UK each wrote prefaces to the book

This latest WEA volume has the potential of profoundly shaping our approach to mission in today’s challenging and increasingly dangerous world.