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Dr. Sa’eed of Iran

By: Jay M. Rasooli & Cady H. Allen

This is the story of a Kurdish doctor, his acceptance as a mullah and teacher of his people, his struggles in turning from Islam to Christianity, his resulting banishment and persecution, and his faithfulness and service to his Lord. This book tells of the struggles and triumphs of a Christian in a country steeped in Islam.

The Rumbling Volcano

By: Nabeel T. Jabbour

A remarkable study on the ancient roots and the present realities of Islamic fundamentalism, especially as it is being expressed in Egypt and the Arab world. The author objectively and compassionately attempts to understand Islamic fundamentalism from the inside and examines what it is like to “get under the skin” of leaders such as Khumeini, Hasan al-Banna, and Sayyid Qutb.

The 99 Beautiful Names of God

By: David Bentley

In a bridge-building exercise between Christians, Muslims, and other “people of the book,” David Bentley traces the Semitic pre-Islamic origins of Islam’s 99 names of God. He points the reader to Old Testament counterparts of these names as well as to Jesus’ comparable representations of Himself.

Muslims, Magic and the Kingdom of God

By: Rick Love

This book combines a description of folk Islam, biblical perspectives, and strategies for church planting among Muslims. In his theory on Muslim evangelism, Love tackles the major issues of encountering spiritual powers, contextualization, and leadership development. Teachers of Islamic subjects and practitioners in Muslim countries enthusiastically welcome this book.

Ministry to Muslim Women

By: Fran Love & Jeleta Eckheart, eds.

This book is a compilation of real-life experiences by women actively involved in reaching Muslim women for Christ. These articles approach the question of the gospel and Islam from a female perspective.

Guidebook for Pilgrims to the Heavenly City

By: Gareth Lee Cockerill

The purpose of this book is to interpret the epistle to the Hebrews so that it will be relevant and readily understood by new followers of Jesus who come from an Islamic background with a view toward encouraging them to persevere amid difficult circumstances. This book may also be of use to Muslims who have a serious interest in Jesus and have begun to study the New Testament. It will certainly be helpful for people witnessing and discipling in Muslim contexts.

Encountering the World Of Islam

By: Keith Swartley, Ed.

Encountering the World of Islam explores the Muslim world and God’s plan for Muslims. Read from a collection of writings about the life of Muhammad, the history of Islamic civilization, Islamic beliefs, Muslims today, and the everyday lives of Muslims from Morocco to Indonesia. Gain insight into diverse Muslim cultures and worldviews as well as Christian outreach toward Muslims, our response to Islam, and prayer for the Muslim world. Writings from more than 80 different practitioners will introduce you to the multi-faceted world of Islam.

From the Straight Path to the Narrow Way

By: David Greenlee

Representing over twenty nations, a group of nearly fifty missionaries and practitioners gathered to consider how Muslims are coming to faith in Jesus Christ. They shared an interest in understanding how God is at work in drawing people into the faith journey from the way of Islam to faith in Jesus Christ. From the Straight Path to the Narrow Way is a compilation of papers presented at this consultation. The contributors point to the various ways in which God is at work in the lives of Muslims. While the papers reflect diverse global settings, three core factors seem to repeat a demonstration of God's love, a sign of God's power, and an encounter with the truth of God's Word.

Unveiling God

By: Martin Parsons

“Muslim responses to Christianity down the ages have been shaped by diverse factors. One of the primary stumbling blocks has been Muslim misperceptions of Christian core beliefs about the person of Jesus and the nature of God. This study includes a practical example of contextualization which should provide great insights to Christians who are trying to explain their faith to Muslims in diverse contexts.” –Peter G. Riddell, Professor of Islamics; Director, Centre for Muslim-Christian Relations

IJFM: Islam Insider Collection


This one-of-a-kind collection features no fewer than 18 seminal articles on what has become known as Insider Movements among Muslims. Here you will find a wide range of perspective and hear from influential voices both for and against such movements.

The World of Islam CD-ROM v.2.0

By: J. Dudley Woodberry, ed.

The World of Islam CD-ROM contains some of the best in educational resources about Islam and Christian witness to Islam. Designed in partnership with Fuller Seminary and the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization, this high-quality research and training resource is for Christians seriously interested in learning about Islam or those ministering in the Muslim context. It benefits field workers, professors, students, local churches, and concerned Christians. The World of Islam - Version 2.0 contains 39 complete books and numerous articles on Islam and Christian witness to Muslims by scholars and practitioners, worth more than $800 if purchased separately. Version 2.0 now includes an extensive new course, Hughes’ classic 750-page Dictionary of Islam, and fourteen new articles on current issues including contextualization and the roots of fundamentalism and militancy in Islam. Ten newly updated maps depict the current situation of the Muslim world. In addition... over 100 printable photographs of the Islamic world, eight complete courses of study on Islam by noted scholars, complete, searchable text of the Qur’an, annotated bibliography, links to Web sites related to Islam and much more... over 12,000 pages of resources! Christianity Today included the CD-ROM in its list of 'The Best Resources on Islam' saying, This is an amazingly comprehensive collection of resources on Islam Evangelical Missions Quarterly called it a must own collection for any one who works with Muslims. New Version 2.0 for Windows and Mac. Many files in PDF format.

IJFM: Islam Collection #1


This six-issue collection focuses on communicating the message to Muslims with gentleness and respect. Fourteen cutting-edge articles address stumbling blocks such as the deity of Christ, the terms Son of God (for Muslims) and Allah (for Christians). This collection also tackles such topics as de-westernizing doctrine in the Muslim context, comprehensive contextualization, strategizing for churchplanting movements, and more!

IJFM: Islam Collection #2


This three-issue collection contains seventeen articles by such well-known thinker-practitioners as J. Christy Wilson, J. Dudley Woodberry, Rick Love, David Bentley, Joshua Massey, Warren Larsen, Rick Brown and others. It explores contextualization, women and church planting, power encounter, what one must believe about Jesus for salvation, and more.

The Crescent Through the Eyes of the Cross

By: Dr. Nabeel T. Jabbour

Go beyond mere tolerance to a passion for Muslims. This book explains how that can be done in ways that are sensitive to Islamic culture and provides suggestions on how to build vital relationships with Muslims. This powerful book will enlighten minds and reaffirm Christ's commission to share the gospel with everyone, including the Muslims.

The Certainty Trap

By: Bill Musk

A certainty trap has sprung up within both Islam and Christianity, resulting in a world struggling with the fallout from extremist and violent interpretations of what the word of God might mean. In The Certainty Trap, Musk looks at the phenomenon of fundamentalism in Christianity and its contributions toward the messy state of international affairs in which many—especially Muslims—find themselves today. By scrutinizing sacred book interpretation in both the Islamic and Christian heritages, The Certainty Trap challenges contemporary religious fundamentalism and is a timely contribution to Muslim-Christian relations.

Explaining the Trinity to Muslims

By: Carlos Madrigal

This book is a culturally relevant presentation of the truth of the Trinity to the Muslim mindset. Originally it was issued through a Turkish secular publishing house and had a countrywide repercussion, even in Islamic circles. It is a useful presentation for both Muslim and Christian readers, providing fundamental keys for understanding and explaining the Trinity.

Toward Respectful Understanding and Witness Among Muslims

By: Evelyne A. Reisacher

Fifteen preeminent Christian scholars of Islam present their latest research and reflections. The book is organized around three themes: encouraging friendly conversation, Christian scholarship, and Christian witness.

Published in honor of J. Dudley Woodberry, it is more than a collection of essays by friends and colleagues. It offers a seldom-available synopsis of the theories of contemporary leading Christian academicians whose work is currently influencing a wide range of Christian institutions, agencies, churches, and individuals. The authors provide cutting-edge and greatly needed resources for developing a better understanding of Muslims.

In an age of increasing challenges facing Muslim-Christian relations, this volume offers Christians a unique opportunity to rethink their assumptions. It also presents practical steps which can inform their daily encounters with Muslims. This book is essential reading for people with research interests in Islam, for Bible school and seminary students, for church leaders, and for all those who want to be informed of the latest empirical research and theoretical perspectives affecting Muslim-Christian relations.

My Mother’s Sons

By: Patrick Krayer

My Mother’s Sons provides a thoughtful model for how Western Christian workers can respectfully negotiate sexual boundaries and norms in Muslim contexts. Westerners are inclined to impose their own culturally shaped notions of gender equality and justice on non-egalitarian communities, alienating the very people they are seeking to serve. The author draws on his own research among Pakistani Pashtuns, intercultural theory, and exegesis of Christian and Islamic sacred texts to show that it is possible to work for transformational change without offending those who live within a patriarchal system.

Challenging Islamic Traditions

By: Bernie Power

The Hadith are Islam’s most influential texts after the Qur’an. They outline in detail what the Qur’an often leaves unsaid. The Hadith are a foundation for Islamic law and theology and a key to understanding the worldview of Islam and why many Muslims do the things they do. This book subjects the Hadith to a critical analysis from a biblical perspective. In a scholarly and respectful way, it exposes significant inconsistencies within these ancient documents and highlights potential problems with the Muslim-Christian interface.

Engaging Islamic Traditions

By: Bernie Power

The Hadith have long been neglected by Christians, yet they may hold the key to reaching Muslims with the good news of Jesus Christ. In this ground-breaking book, the earliest traditions of Islam are assessed from a biblical perspective. Insights into the Islamic worldview and potential springboards to Christian truth are uncovered along the way. For those contextualizing the gospel to Muslim friends and colleagues, this book seeks for concord and connection with Muslim thinking, while maintaining a clear commitment to Jesus Christ and his gospel.

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