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Following Jesus in the Hindu Context

By: H. L. Richard

Narayan Vaman Tilak was raised in western India in a Brahmin family as a Hindu of the highest caste. He was an ardent nationalist and gifted poet. Baptized in 1895, he remained one of the most highly placed Hindu leaders to turn to faith in Jesus Christ. This book tells Tilak’s story as a pioneer in Protestant mission history.

Churchless Christianity (Revised Edition)

By: Herbert Hoefer

The purpose of this book is to describe a fact and reflect upon it theologically. The fact is, there are thousands of people who believe solely in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior but who have no plans to be baptized or to join the local church. Churchless Christianity is based on research from the early 1980s among non-baptized believers in Christ in Tamil Nadu, India. This revised edition includes all the original text plus five additional chapters and a new foreword.

Living Water and Indian Bowl (revised edition)

By: Swami Dayanand Bharati

This is an insightful analysis based on personal experience of Christian work among Hindus and the error and inadequacy of Western Christianity in the Hindu world. Numerous anecdotes are the greatest strength of this important book. “He presents the transcultural Good News in culturally understandable ways for the India of the 21st century.” –H. Stanley Wood, Center for New Church Development, Columbia Theological Seminary


By: H. L. Richard

Visitors to the world of Hinduism seldom probe its complex system of diverse beliefs and practices. If you want to better understand the 900 million Hindus of the world, H. L. Richard's brief but insightful Hinduism is a must-read. In it, he addresses both esoteric and practical issues. In this small book, Richard takes us on a quick tour of the Hindu scriptures, the basic Hindu philosophies, and includes a comprehensive glossary of Hindu terminology.

Hinduism Booklet And Aradhna CD

By: H. L. Richard

The Hinduism booklet: Visitors to the world of Hinduism seldom probe its complex system of diverse beliefs and practices. If you want to better understand the 900 million Hindus of the world, you must read H. L. Richard's brief but insightful booklet. In Hinduism, he addresses both esoteric and practical issues through numerous selections from the Hindu scriptures, an overview of basic Hindu philosophies, and a glossary of Hindu terminology. Author: H. L. Richard Publisher: William Carey Library, 2007 Binding: Paperback, 64 Pages ISBN 13: 9780878085149 Included in this package is the ARADHNA CD.

Is Hearing Enough?

By: Don Edwards

Is Hearing Enough? makes the case for including literacy in evangelism and discipleship efforts in developing nations like India. Drawing on over 20 years of cross-cultural ministry experience, Don Edwards offers an insightful look at literacy’s key role in building a strong, healthy body of believers. Edwards looks at the crippling effects of illiteracy, examines Scripture’s view of literacy, and explains literacy’s value as a door-opener in communities that are resistant to traditional evangelism.

The Great Commission commands us to “go and make disciples of all nations.” Likewise, we are called to fulfill the Great Compassion: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Both are expressions of Jesus’ love for people. Readers will be challenged to share the gift of literacy as a tangible act of obedience to Jesus’ two “Great” commandments.

Don Edwards first visited India in 1984. The very first morning of that trip on October 31, the Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi, was assassinated. From that moment, God planted the nation of India in Edwards’ heart. This led to his involvement in church planting efforts with indigenous missions and churches for the last 14 years. Edwards has a Doctor of Ministry degree in Missions and Cross-Cultural Studies from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and a Masters of Religious Education degree from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary.

Donald McGavran, His Early Life and Ministry

By: Vern Middleton

This biography is more than one man’s interpretation of another person’s life—it has numerous traits of an autobiography. Donald McGavran, His Early Life and Ministry: An Apostolic Vision for Reaching the Nations includes insights gleaned from archives, as well as hours of discussion with both Donald and Mary McGavran about the interpretation applied to particular events.