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Teaching Them Obedience in All Things (EMS 7)

By: Edgar J Elliston, ed.

The seventh installment in the EMS series provides presentations originally given at meetings held in November 1998. Topics include the biblical and missiological foundations for training evangelical pastors and missionaries, contextualization of curriculum, Christian higher education, and case studies in both postmodern settings as well as traditional ones.

School in the Clouds

By: Phil Dow

“School in the Clouds is essential reading for those interested in the development of missions and the impact MK education has had on the propagation of the gospel throughout the world. Rift Valley Academy continues as an important focal point for the education of children of missionaries serving throughout Africa and a greenhouse for growing missionaries for the 21st century. Phil Dow has done an admirable job of honestly chronicling this influential institution.”–Tim Cook, Superintendent, RVA

Come Quickly Dawn

By: George Patterson

Come Quickly Dawn offers a unique reading experience. This fully integrated hybrid is both a fast-paced novel and an incisive training tool. It equips one to evangelize in a way that spreads like measles, to make disciples who actively obey Jesus, and to multiply churches or cells. The best way by far to prepare an effective shepherd or church multiplier is to do it as Jesus and Paul did it: take apprentices with them to where the action is happening. Its simulated trip conveys one out of a familiar comfort zone to a setting similar to that of many peoples among whom God is working powerfully, as in the book of Acts.