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Children in Crisis

By: Phyllis Kilbourn, ed.

Too many children today are hindered from realizing the fullness of God’s love. AIDS, abandonment, abuse, forced labor, war, and violence ravage far too many children around the world. We need a biblical response to their plight. Children in Crisis spells out the role of the church in a biblical, God-directed response. This unique book will acquaint you with the problems children around the world face and show you how to respond. There is also a listing of agencies and organizations specializing in helping children.

Complex Humanitarian Emergencies

By: Mark Janz and Joann Slead, Editors

When certain indicators such as famine, civil unrest and economic collapse combine, the result is often a complex humanitarian emergency (CHE). It is in the midst of such chaos that releif and development practitioners live and work. In this volume, experienced practitioners address the question of how we can respond appropriately to CHEs by linking conceptual and theoretical thinking to practical application at the grassroots level.

Career-Defining Crises in Mission

By: Paul Keidel

Career-Defining Crises in Mission is written to help missionaries evaluate their ministry approaches and to pursue those that place relationships over programs. Each of the 12 chapters takes a well-known missiological principle and, instead of focusing on the theory behind it, uses Bible studies, illustrations, true stories, and practical suggestions to encourage missionaries to make decisions that cultivate relationships with people as they choose mission methods.

And the Children Shall Lead Them

By: Bill Lowrey, Allen Harder and Vachel W Miller, eds.

And the Children Shall Lead Them focuses primarily on the ways in which NGOs working with conflict-affected populations can help them build "positive peace"... the present book does a great service... [it] puts forward a clear analyisis... and emphasises the need for a thoroughly professional approach.

(From the Foreward by Margaret Sinclair, UN Senior Conslutant on Peace Education for UNHCR and UNESCO)