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Batak Blood and Protestant Soul

By: Paul Pederson

A discussion of a mission breakthrough: the progression of the Batak churches, their response to crisis, and the missionary penetration of Batak society.

The Night Cometh

By: Rebecca Winter

The lives of Lewis and Arthur Tappan encompassed a wide spectrum, from their wholehearted giving to minority rights, to their church planting in New York slums, to the rehabilitation of outcasts, to a passionate involvement in the moral issues of their day. An outstanding story of what took place over a hundred years ago.

Scripture and Strategy (EMS 1)

By: David Hesselgrave

David Hesselgrave uses the work of ten influential men to describe what is going on in missions. Each chapter deals with a different aspect of the use of the Bible in the church and in mission, from the study of the Bible to teaching biblical principles to church leaders on the mission field.

As the first title in the new Evangelical Missiological Society series, this textbook is designed for use in addressing:

Contemporary Issues in Missions, Mission Strategy, Theology of Mission, Survey of Mission, Mission Principles and Practices, Strategy for World Evangelization, Church Planting, Church Growth, and Contextualization.

Planting Churches Cross-Culturally, 2nd edition

By: David J. Hesselgrave

Ministry training often emphasizes the expanding on the work of existing ministries to the neglect of addressing the difficulties of planting new churches in North America and across the world. This volume provides a practical, thorough, biblical, and inspirational corrective.

The Ancient Path


A Scripture-based, narrative approach for grassroots church planters, this DVD provides a brief overview of how members of traditional oral cultures learn and communicate information. This resource introduces strategies that complement traditional communication methods such as storytelling, drama, music, recitation, and oratory. You will observe scripture storytellers and church planting teams in action and walk briefly through 10 bridges of communication to oral cultures that are taught in the BRIDGES training workshops.

Sharing Jesus Effectively in the Buddhist World (SEANET3)

By: David Lim, Steve Spaulding, & Paul De Neui, eds.

This is the third book in the “Sharing Jesus in the Buddhist World” series, written by evangelical mission “reflective practitioners” who are committed to developing more effective ways to win the Buddhist peoples to the Lord Jesus Christ. The opening chapter describes “The Changing Demographic Context of Global Buddhism”; the next six describe some of the best models of mission approaches for reaching Buddhists; and the last four depict some past and present “people movements” or “church planting movements.”

Reproducible Pastoral Training

By: Patrick O'Connor

Patrick O’Connor highlights specific action-oriented principles from the teachings of George Patterson as he guides the reader through the various aspects of cross-cultural ministry: the gathering of new believers, the development of new churches, the mobilization of new churches into a movement, the training of new leaders, and the departure of the pioneering ministers.

The Deep Sea Canoe

By: Alan R. Tippett

This updated version of Tippett’s 1977, The Deep Sea Canoe, describes a significant but often overlooked aspect of the expansion of Christianity in the South Pacific, that of South Sea Island believers who carried the gospel from one island to another in their deep sea canoes. It is a well-researched study by one who knew the islands and their people, a man known by the Fijians as one who spoke their language.


By: Rad Zdero, ed.

Welcome to the Nexus, your point of connection to the world house church movement. Grassroots Christianity is exploding all over the world. Northern India sees 4,000 churches planted in just a decade. China witnesses 160,000 new believers baptized in a single year. Cuba's petrol crisis catalyzes the birth of almost 10,000 churches. What is happening in all these places? Saturation church planting through simple, inexpensive, participatory, reproducible, and missional communities of 'house churches'.

Over thirty-five leaders, practitioners, and academics from all around the world have contributed their insight and experience in over sixty provocative articles. Let them inform, challenge, and invite you to start your own network of multiplying house churches no matter where you live.

IJFM: Islam Collection #2


This three-issue collection contains seventeen articles by such well-known thinker-practitioners as J. Christy Wilson, J. Dudley Woodberry, Rick Love, David Bentley, Joshua Massey, Warren Larsen, Rick Brown and others. It explores contextualization, women and church planting, power encounter, what one must believe about Jesus for salvation, and more.

There’s a Sheep in My Bathtub

By: Brian Hogan

What happens when you drop an American family with three small children into the post-Communist chaos of Outer Mongolia? There’s a Sheep in my Bathtub chronicles the adventures of the Hogan family as they try to follow God’s leading into one of the world’s most remote and mysterious enclaves. Disarmingly honest and charmingly humorous, their tale will thrill you and bring tears to your eyes. An intensely personal memoir, this book still manages to pack a powerful dose of missionary insights and Biblical principles for seeing the Church explode into life among people that have never even heard of Jesus. Get comfortable. You will not be able to put it down!

Keys to Church Planting Movements

By: K. Sutter (Author), Brian Hogan (Editor)

Travel back into time to the first century A.D. when the New Testament keys to church planting movements were forged. Follow the experiences of Stephanas, our fictitious first century church planter, as he follows the example of Jesus and the Apostles. Discover the 2000 year-old New Testament keys that are so vital and relevant for reaching our world today. Loaded with cartoon illustrations that can be reproduced to train your disciples.

Come Quickly Dawn

By: George Patterson

Come Quickly Dawn offers a unique reading experience. This fully integrated hybrid is both a fast-paced novel and an incisive training tool. It equips one to evangelize in a way that spreads like measles, to make disciples who actively obey Jesus, and to multiply churches or cells. The best way by far to prepare an effective shepherd or church multiplier is to do it as Jesus and Paul did it: take apprentices with them to where the action is happening. Its simulated trip conveys one out of a familiar comfort zone to a setting similar to that of many peoples among whom God is working powerfully, as in the book of Acts.

No Solitary Effort

By: Neel Roberts

No Solitary Effort describes how members of the China Inland Mission engaged the tribes of Southwest China as part of their comprehensive plan to evangelize all of China from 1865 to 1951. That endeavor required the combined lifelong efforts of numerous missionaries, spanned several generations, and was invariably affected by events and decisions that occurred thousands of miles from where the actual ministry was taking place. The task was incomplete when the missionaries were forced to leave, but the foundations for the Church which were laid have stood. This book addresses the great challenges to cooperation that faced the missionaries. It also reveals the rich rewards that were obtained by the united efforts of committed Christians who had no timetable for withdrawal, but only an unwavering commitment to work together until the task was accomplished.

The Road to Bau and the Autobiography of Joeli Bulu

By: Alan R. Tippett

Alan Tippett’s publications played a significant role in the development of missiology. The volumes in this series
augment his distinguished reputation by bringing to light his many unpublished materials and hard-to-locate
printed articles. These books—encompassing theology, anthropology, history, area studies, religion, and ethnohistory—broaden the contours of the discipline.

English missionary John Hunt and Tongan missionary Joeli Bulu served in the Fiji islands in the 1840s. Their lives
were intertwined as they faced the social issues of island warfare, cannibalism, and the ills brought to the Pacific
by traders and those involved in the labor trade. In this fascinating two-volume book Alan Tippett first provides
the biography of Hunt, then together with Tomasi Kanailagi gives us the thoroughly researched and annotated
autobiography of Joeli Bulu.

Twenty years as a missionary in Fiji, following pastoral ministry in Australia and graduate degrees in history and
anthropology, provide the rich data base that made Alan R. Tippett a leading missiologist of the twentieth century.
Tippett served as Professor of Anthropology and Oceanic Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary.