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To Advance the Gospel

By: R. Pierce Beaver, ed.

To Advance the Gospel presents the insights and principles of Rufus Anderson, theoretician, administrator, and mission strategist. Along with its companion volume, To Apply the Gospel, it puts forth original thinking about indigenizing the church.

Beyond the Ranges

By: Kenneth Latourette

Latourette’s autobiography of his work in China, his loss of health and faith, and his eventual recovery to become the greatest mission and church historian of all time.

Batak Blood and Protestant Soul

By: Paul Pederson

A discussion of a mission breakthrough: the progression of the Batak churches, their response to crisis, and the missionary penetration of Batak society.

To Apply the Gospel

By: Max Warren, ed.

Henry Venn exerted a powerful influence in shaping the common pattern of the missionary enterprise through the nineteenth century and into the twentieth century. This book, along with To Advance the Gospel, provides vivid insights regarding the indigenous church.

Church Growth Bulletin Vol. 2

By: Donald McGavran, ed.

Read the electric discussions that were given by famous mission leaders during the most explosive part of the Church Growth Movement.

Literacy, Bible Reading and Church Growth Through the Ages

By: Morris Watkins

The story of Christianity from apostolic times to the present reveals that in virtually every country of the world a Bible-reading laity was an important factor in the growth of the church, both numerically and spiritually. The importance of the Bible in actual history is a challenge to the church today.

Ethnic Realities and the Church

By: Donald A. McGavran

Ethnic Realities and the Church delves into the delicate and subtle relationship between new Christians and non-Christian relatives as faith is spread and churches are built. Drawing from 36 years of missionary experience in India, Donald McGavran details nine types of churches in India. He provides a way to better understand the Church as it relates to the socioeconomic, sociological and anthropological realities of its members in India and beyond. He describes church growth in the country, but also underlines the important sociological factors that can affect it. Ethnic Realities and the Church presents more than lessons from India, it equips missionaries, evangelists, and church leaders with understanding of ethnicity and how it affects the structure and spread of congregations and denominations in every land.

Seamen’s Missions

By: Roald Kverndal

This marvelous book gives the definitive history of the beginnings of ministry to seafarers, covering events during the 18th and 19th centuries. The author reveals the social and political conditions that led to the establishment of missions and ministries to the forgotten and mistreated men of the sea. Over 900 pages of fascinating history with numerous period illustrations.

Introduction to Missiology

By: Alan Tippett

While teaching at Fuller School of World Mission, Tippett inspired and challenged the founding generation of “great commission” or “church growth” missiologists. This collection brings together almost 40 of his best writings. In a style that is both academic and personal, he deals first with missiological theory then with anthropological and historical dimensions of missiology. He then treats a number of specific missiological problems from these perspectives including seminal material on power encounters.

Opting For Change

By: F. Ross Kinsler & James H. Emery, eds.

Theological Education by Extension (TEE) is often portrayed as a vision and movement for the renewal of ministry in the church and the world. The task of evaluation translates that vision into concepts and criteria that can be applied to the various components of TEE programs. This handbook is concerned primarily with self-evaluation in relation to planning, i.e., ways in which people who are engaged in TEE can clarify their goals and assess results in order to pursue those goals more effectively.

Research in Church and Mission

By: Viggo Sogaard

Research in Church and Mission is insightful, practical, and full of examples. In the three distinctive sections of the book, the author (1) imbeds his explanation of the why and how of research in a model of communication, (2) shows us how research is fueled by what we need to know, and (3) demands that research be driven by those who manage or carry out the communication process.

Crisis and Hope In Latin America

By: Emilio Nunez and William Taylor

This book provides a panoramic yet thorough study of kingdom advance in Latin America. Part one examines the historical, socio-political, and religious context. Part two probes into post-conciliar Roman Catholicism, the charismatic movements, contextualization, and social responsibility. Part three explores the implications for churches and mission agencies.

Missions in the 21st Century

By: Tom Telford with Lois Shaw

Author Tom Telford shares his understanding of the church in North America, his vision for world mission, and his perspective on how these two blend together. His practicality and no-holds-barred approach make this book a must read for church leaders, missions committee members, mission executives, and cross-cultural missionaries.

A People For His Name

By: Paul A. Beals

In world missions, the author proposes, the local church is the biblical sending body through which missionaries serve. The author places emphasis upon the practical outworking of the mission responsibilities of the local church as well as its relationship to mission agencies, missionary personnel, and Christian schools.

City Reaching

By: Jack Dennison

This book assists Christians in fulfilling the Great Commission by presenting a plan that will enable them to share the gospel in the cities of America and the world. Dennison’s strategy for city reaching is both spiritual and practical in leading the Church to a higher level of missionary service.


By: David J. Hesselgrave & Edward Rommen

This classic textbook brings together the meanings, proposals, and tasks involved in contextualization. Hesselgrave and Rommen explore the history of contextualization in the Bible and the Church while examining the proposals of prominent thinkers on this subject. They conclude with their own definition and approach to contextualization.

The Reentry Team

By: Neal Pirolo

"The Reentry Team is a must read for church leaders and laymen alike. Its practical wisdom and touchingly true-to-life stories will, without condemnation, assist the church in receiving back the ones they have sent out. The results? Healthy returnees will make enormous contributions to body life at home, the church will be blessed and built up, and world missions will go forward." - Peter Jordan, author of Re-Entry: Making the Transition from Missions to Life at Home.

World Christian Encyclopedia

By: David Barrett, George Kurian and Todd Johnson, eds.

Two huge volumes with 1699 pages, this second edition is full of the latest global level information. Volume #1, The World By Countries: Religionists, Churches, Ministries. Volume #2, The World By Segments: Religions, Peoples, Languages, Cities, Topics. Full of charts, graphs, photos and analysis. Be sure to also order World Christian Trends, the “missing third volume” in this catalog.

Seize the Baton

By: Richard Webster

This book is a challenge to this generation of Christians to “seize the baton” and carry the gospel to the still unreached areas of the world. Richard Webster served as a missionary to China and Taiwan for almost 50 years. In retirement, he and his wife seek to mobilize Christians through involvement with Chinese churches in their area.

Church Multiplication Guide (Revised Edition)

By: George Patterson & Richard Scoggins

This book is very practical in addressing the topics of church multiplication from ten points of view in response to Jesus’ command. “As our teams apply the Biblical principles explained in these pages, we see fruit: disciples are made, churches are born and multiply.” –Kevin Sutter, Church Planting Coach, Youth With A Mission

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