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Amy Carmichael

By: Lois Hoadley Dick

Delve into Indian culture and mindset and see how the Lord used Amy Carmichael to save his “jewels,” young children seemingly destined for a life of sin and sorrow. Recommended for teens and up.

Risk-Proofing Your Family

By: Donald Joy

In these days of risk and confusion for the Christian family, this book is a blueprint parents can follow as they develop relationships that “risk-proof” children and teens against compulsive experimentation and use of alcohol, sex, and drugs.

Healing the Children Of War

By: Phyllis Kilbourn, ed.

Children are the most innocent and helpless victims of modern warfare. Many children are forced to take part in the killing themselves. This volume gives you practical advice on how to be an agent of God's healing to these hurting children.

Children in Crisis

By: Phyllis Kilbourn, ed.

Too many children today are hindered from realizing the fullness of God’s love. AIDS, abandonment, abuse, forced labor, war, and violence ravage far too many children around the world. We need a biblical response to their plight. Children in Crisis spells out the role of the church in a biblical, God-directed response. This unique book will acquaint you with the problems children around the world face and show you how to respond. There is also a listing of agencies and organizations specializing in helping children.

Far Above The Plain

By: Paul Asbury Seaman

An exciting chronicle of the life and times of individuals whose most formative school years were spent at Murree Christian School in Pakistan.

52 Ways To Teach Missions

By: Nancy S. Williamson

These crafts, games, and outreaches will help your students become more involved with your church’s missionaries while also helping your kids become missionaries in their own neighborhoods.

Street Children

By: Phyllis Kilbourn, ed.

A guide to effective ministry to street children. Anyone working in urban mission or with forgotten children will be motivated by this volume and become better equipped to face the challenges of this complex ministry.

Sexually Exploited Children

By: Phyllis Kilbourn & Marjorie McDermid, editors

Sexually Exploited Children: Working to Protect and Heal is not only about the evils of child exploitation, it is also about hope. It is designed to help you become an effective instrument to facilitate Christ's healing and love to broken children.

Children at Risk

By: Patrick McDonald and Emma Garrow

This is the powerful story of the Viva Network, a strategic response to at-risk children. Patrick McDonald provides practical suggestions enabling Christians to mobilize their resources and offer a better future to the world's children.

Children Affected By HIV/Aids

By: Phyllis Kilbourn, ed.

The plight of children affected by HIV/AIDS is one of the greatest challenges facing the church and missions today. For every child infected with HIV, many more are deeply affected by the loss of parents, siblings, crucial caregivers and all of the other stabilizing factors that may spell the difference between a healthy childhood and a disaster. Kilbourn takes a compassionate look at the lives of children who have been touched by HIV/AIDS and the psychosocial ramifications for their caregivers.

Shaping the Future

By: Phyllis Kilbourn, ed.

Shaping the Future includes a global overview of girl child issues stemming from gender discrimination and explores the root causes for this disparity. Further, the writers from various streams of work around the world lay a foundation for shaping our value of the girl child. The strategies discussed help the girl child surmount the barriers that prevent her from reaching her full, God-given potential and also result in her physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

A rosebud has been used to symbolize the life of the girl child. Rosebuds can be broken and trampled or allowed to bloom into beautiful roses. The challenge for us is to learn how we can help girls to bloom in spite of the obstacles, empowering them to embrace their full, God-given potential.

Third-Culture Kids (3rd Edition)

By: David Pollock and Ruth Van Reken

Third Culture Kids speaks to the challenges and rewards of a multicultural childhood: the joy of discovery and heartbreaking loss, its effect on maturing and personal identity, and the difficulty in making the transition home. For parents, educators, and the thousands of adult third-culture kids (TCK) around the world, this book brings to life the essence of the cultural, emotional, physical, and geographical experiences of the nomadic life of a TCK.

Empowering Children

By: Ravi Jayakaran

Empowering Children is especially designed for field practitioners seeking ways to encourage young people—particularly the marginalized—to become more involved in changing their circumstances. Through dozens of exercises and lessons, the book presents a variety of practical methods for engaging children in the development process—from assessments to evaluations. Discussions on issues such as personal empowerment, self-esteem, problem analysis, and child protection can equip leaders to help children serve as agents of change who understand how valuable they are. The book concludes with preparations for a community child participation plan. From a Christian perspective, the realization that all children have dignity and are created in the image of God helps us to see that every child's input is valuable. The Bible's concepts of community, church, and mission further help us to see that God not only uses kids in his wonderful plan, but that he also wants all of his children—male, female, young, and old—to participate in his work in the world.

The Missionary Family (EMS 22)

By: Dwight P. Baker and Robert J. Priest (editors)

The title of this book points to a feature—the missionary family—often considered to be a distinctive of the Protestant missionary movement. Certainly the presence of missionary families in the field has been a central factor in enabling, configuring, and restricting Protestant missionary outreach. What special concerns does sending missionary families raise for the conduct of mission? What means are available for extending care and support to missionary families? These issues are the focus of the chapters in part 1 of this book.

In recent years an increasing number of reports have surfaced of sexual abuse in mission settings. Some reports have been based on “recovered memories,” the assessment of which raises difficult questions. Clearly sexual abuse in mission settings and how to understand allegations of abuse based on recovered memories are matters of grave concern to mission agencies and mission supporters as well as to missionary families. Part 2 serves the mission community by scrutinizing such matters, offering legal, historical, and psychological perspectives on the topic.

In a new feature, “Forum on Sexual Orientation and Mission: An Evangelical Discussion,” the Evangelical Missiological Society takes up a pressing issue of our day. Fourteen evangelical scholars participate in the discussion found in part 3.  Far from being the final word, this forum is presented with the prayer that it will serve as an opening to and basis for ongoing missiological conversation about an urgent and timely topic.