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Literacy, Bible Reading and Church Growth Through the Ages

By: Morris Watkins

The story of Christianity from apostolic times to the present reveals that in virtually every country of the world a Bible-reading laity was an important factor in the growth of the church, both numerically and spiritually. The importance of the Bible in actual history is a challenge to the church today.

The Horizontal Line Synopsis of the Gospels

By: Reuben Swanson

Now you can read through any of the four gospels and choose a word or phrase and immediately see the corresponding word or phrase from the other three gospel accounts. A very important study tool for any student of the Bible.

SUMMARY: Provides a synopsis of all four Gospels in the Revised Standard Version. It has four sections, each using a different Gospel (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) as its base text for comparison.

PURPOSE:  To allow easy comparison of the four different canonical Gospels in order to notice their similarities and differences. It is an objective source for the study of the gospels and their interrelationships, because it does give priority of one Gospel over another.

AUDIENCE: It is designed for any student of the Bible, lay-person, student, scholar or pastor, who is interested in the relationship between the four Gospels. It was originally conceived for use in an undergraduate classroom.

ORGANIZATION: The main body of the book is arranged in four sections, one for each canonical Gospel. The Gospel texts of this English version and the Greek version are parallel to each other so they can be used interchangeably. The text is entirely in English, except for the Index to Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance, which is primarily in Greek and transliterated Greek.

STRONG’S NUMBERS: These are used throughout.  

TABLES and APPENDICES:  Each section contains a list of the contents of each Gospel cross referenced to the other gospels. Each section contains an alphabetical listing of each pericope contained in the section’s respective Gospel. It contains an index to Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance.

Trailblazers for Translators

By: Anna Marie Dahlquist

By 1990, over 6,000 Wycliffe Bible translators around the world were working to give ethnic minorities the Bible in their own tongues. Scores of translators trained by the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) are also doing translation work while working under other agencies. The roots of the Bible translation movement are found in an extraordinary conference held in Chichicastenango, Guatemala, in 1915. This book is a detailed record of those meetings.

The Bible In Cross-Cultural Perspective

By: Jacob Loewen

Too often, Scripture is read as if the events took place outside of cultural and historical contexts. This work forces us to confront the relationship between God’s Word and human languages, cultures, and histories, as well as the socio-cultural creation of Western Christianity. Loewen challenges us to consider our own cultural contexts when we read and interpret the Bible. He raises important questions that must be answered in this era of a cross-cultural, global church.

The Message of the Scriptures DVD

By: Faouzi Arzouni and Nabeel Qureshi

43 mini-lectures on the Gospels, Qur'an and Jesus.
Produced specifically for Muslims, this video series presents the message of Jesus using the Qur’an as a bridge of understanding, while responding to the most common objections against the Gospel.

Running Time: 2hrs 17min

Refugee Diaspora

By: Miriam Adeney and Sam George

Refugee Diaspora is a contemporary account of the global refugee situation and how the llight of the gospel of Jesus Christ is shining brightly in the darkest corners of the greatest crisis on our planet. These hope-filled pages of refugees encountering Jesus Christ presents models of Christian ministry from the front lines of the refugee crisis and the real challenges of ministering to today’s refugees. It includes biblical, theological, and practical reflections on mission in diverse diaspora contexts from leading scholars as well as practitioners in all major regions of the world.