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All Loves Excelling

By: R. Pierce Beaver

Most people have no idea how unique the role or how great an impact American women have had on global Christian mission. Beaver traces the development of this fascinating movement and presents individuals who led the way.

American Cultural Baggage

By: Stan Nussbaum

An outside-in look at American cultural peculiarities that helps Americans see ourselves as others see us—and vice versa. American Cultural Baggage lets both Americans and the rest of the world in on things most Americans don’t know about themselves and their values and how those things are perceived by others. Americans will learn of the impression they make while others will gain insight into the curious tribal values of Americans.

The Kingdom of Character

By: Michael Parker

The Kingdom of Character provides a thorough history of the Student Volunteer Movement (SVM), exposing both its strengths and weaknesses. Parker highlights how these student leaders addressed issues such as gender roles, the social impact of World War I, and various internal controversies, while emphasizing an American middle-class worldview that stressed the Victorian idea of character in their hope to spread the gospel around the world. The Kingdom of Character is a great read for those interested in the creation of the modern missionary movement.

Awakening the Hermit Kingdom

By: Katherine H. Lee Ahn

Awakening the Hermit Kingdom: Pioneer American Women Missionaries in Korea gives a focused look at the long-ignored subject, the pioneer women missionaries to the Hermit Kingdom, as the early missionaries often called Korea. Based largely on private papers and mission reports of the missionaries, the author explores the life and work of the American women missionaries in the first quarter century of the Protestant mission in Korea. This book brings a new light to the history of Protestantism in Korea by revealing the identity and activities of the women missionaries, as well as the level of religious and social impact made by their presence and work in Korea.