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Wise Guy and His Troubles

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Dale Foster (Author)
A Compelling Analysis of the Claims to Deity by Jesus Christ Some said he was a new prophet with a new message, some said he was one of the prophets of old, returned to life. Some believed him to be an aspiring political figure, while others thought him a lunatic and a self-deluded fool. A small group believed him to be something grander. His given name was Jehoshua, though we know him as Jesus of Nazareth. Theologians have asked for centuries, "Who was Jesus?" In their dissertations, however, one source is constantly underrepresented: that of Jesus himself. "Wise Guy and His Troubles," set on the campus of a contemporary college, examines the claims which Jesus made himself, about himself. Who did Jesus say that he was? This book asks the reader to examine those claims and decide for himself. Jesus once asked his disciples a question, which is as relevant to the truth-seeker of today as it was to a dozen of his friends twenty centuries ago. In response to the rumors of his day, he asked them, "But who do you say that I am?"

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  • Publisher: Winepress Pub.
  • Publish Year: 2003
  • ISBN: 1579214339
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