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Why African American Youth are Attracted to Non-Christian/Nontraditional Religions and Sects

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Joyce T. Henderson (Author)
Dr. Joyce Henderson, author of the book Why African American Youth are Attracted to Non-Christian/Nontraditional Religions and Sects, gives us insight into some of the possible contributing factors. Henderson, who earned her doctorate degree in Ministry from Carolina University of Theology in 1997, has worked with children for thirty-two years at various Recreation Centers throughout the Los Angeles area. She has also held positions of instructor and Associate Pastor and is a Certified Marriage and Family Therapist. She conducted a study to determine the needs of Young African American youth. Twenty-eight mothers and 60 children between the ages of 5 through 19 were selected from congregations of several churches in the Watts and Compton area of Los Angeles. The interviews were conducted in the church schools, Church and home setting with or without the parents present. Now with that aside let's talk about the contents of the book. Written in ten chapters and beginning with the chapter on Methodology and ending with a Message to the Clergy and Church the book is very educational. Henderson devotes a chapter to explaining which religions are Christian and Non-Christian. The religions discussed here are Buddhism, Baha'I faith, Islamic, Jehovah Witness and Cults. Each of the religion's characteristics and beliefs are discussed along with the attractions for African American Youth. Most of the chapters contain written personal interviews with people of that particular faith or cult. Henderson's factual information on the different religions and practice was taken from newspaper clippings and interviews with the officials.

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