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Tom Collins of Kenya: Son of Valour

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Kenneth N. Phillips (Author)
“For 30 years his life was spent in an unwearied effort to evangelize the native races” … so runs the inscription on David Livingstone’s tomb in Westminster Abbey. The same epitaph might fittingly be used for this other pioneer missionary servant of God, Tom Collins, who also gave 30 years of his life for Christ and for AFRICA.Tom Collins was born on 28th September, 1910 of Christian parents in Johannesburg, South Africa. When only 9 months of age he developed cataracts in both eyes but the specialists refused to operate on the baby … so the family went to live in England. By God’s grace he became an amazing missionary in Kenya where he was described a “the nearest to David Livingstone of anyone I know in East Africa”.

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  • Publish Year: 2003
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