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The Rumbling Volcano: Islamic Fundamentalism in Egypt

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Nabeel T. Jabbour (Author)
On Friday, February 26, 1993, a massive explosion rocked the foundation of the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City. Egyptian Islamic Fundamentalism was suspected by the FBI. Who is Sheikh Abdul Rahman? What is his background in Egypt? What is his role in the assassination of Sadat? What is it like to “get under the skin” of Khumeini, Hasan al-Banna, Sayyid Qutb and others, and attempt to understand Islamic Fundamentalism from the inside? One of those who reviewed this manuscript before its publication, wrote the following: “I have read Dr. Jabbour’s manuscript with great interest and enthusiasm. Having lived in the Middle East myself for several years, I am an avid student of Middle Eastern customs, culture, religion and worldview. This is one of the very few manuscripts written by someone who is as close to being ‘an insider’ as is possible without actually being a Muslim. What is even more amazing is that this is the first text I have every read where Islamic Fundamentalism is objectively and compassionately examined (and not attacked) with the ‘disciplined wonder’ described by Dr. Jabbour himself. Dr. Jabbour’s hope is that this study will help the non-Arab in general and Western Christian in particular to see Muslim Fundamentalism with a new and fresh perspective. In my opinion, he has succeeded marvelously! In our society, the term “Muslim Fundamentalist” strikes fear and suspicion in the hearts and minds of most western peoples, largely out of a mystique arising from a basic lack of information. For one of the first times, I found myself trying to understand this concept from the inside.”

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