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The Radical Nature of Christianity

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Waldo J. Werning (Author)
A radical problem -- sin -- A radical solution to man's sin and rebellion : God enters the world to give man a new life -- Regeneration leads to a radical life : the new man in Christ overcomes the old man of sin -- A God of justice and love : the message of law and Gospel -- The word above all words : God himself speaks to man -- God's people in a natural-supernatural community -- congregations of believers -- Educate to make disciples -- Speaking the word to edify and to help each other (fellowship) -- Faithful managers of resources God has given -- The Gospel for our neighbors -- evangelism -- The Gospel for the world -- world missions -- Human intervention distorts the plan of God : humanism and naturalism versus the supernatural -- The harvest is now

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  • Publisher: Mandate Press
  • Publish Year: 1975
  • ISBN: 9780878087303
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