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The Camel

The Camel
How Muslims Are Coming to Faith in Jesus Christ
Kevin Greeson
Kevin Greeson's The Camel tells the inside story of one of the world's fastest growing Muslim movements to Christ that produced more than 100,000 baptisms. Greeson reveals for us the inner workings of this movement carefully explaining its background and the Qur'anic passages that Muslim–background believers often use to draw their family and friends into gospel discussions and decisions for Christ.

The book includes:

  • step–by–step instructions
  • answers to frequently asked questions, and
  • testimonials from others who are seeing Muslims hear and respond to the gospel

The book contains an index, glossary, and helpful appendices of resources to guide you and your church in practical steps for pursuing a Muslim movement to Christ in your own community. The Camel reaches Muslims where they are and brings them the salvation God has provided through His Son Jesus. Discover for yourself how you too can ride the Camel and bring Muslims to faith in Jesus Christ.

Additional Details

  • Pages: 210
  • Publisher: WIGTake Resources
  • Binding: paperback
  • Publish Year: 2010