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The Balkars of Southern Russia and Their Deportation (1944-57)

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Karen Baker (Author)
The deportation of entire ethnic groups of the North Caucasus region of southern Russia was an immense operation of the Soviet government during World War II. The Balkarians, or Balkars, were forcibly taken from their native homelands and deported to distant lands within the Soviet Union. They remained in exile for thirteen years. The third generation of Balkars since that horrible experience continues to live in the shadow of the atrocities committed against their people. This book applies comprehensive research to the facts of the deportation. More importantly, it examines lingering resentments and current sentiments of the Balkarians through extensive personal interviews with those who experienced the deportation. Indelible events are often stamped into the consciousness of a nation. These events shape individuals, and often entire societies, in the way they view social, cultural, political, ethical, and especially spiritual realities.

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