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Six Dangerous Questions to Transform Your View of the World

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Paul Borthwick (Author)
How do you see the world? As lots of great vacation spots? As millions of people with problems too big to imagine? Missionary Paul Borthwick just might expand your view--or even explode it. He asks six dynamite questions that challenge you to look more closely at other countries, other cultures, other ethnic groups and other ways of acting on your faith. Dangerous Question #1: Who Is Jesus? Dangerous Question #2: Do I Believe in Heaven? Dangerous Question #3: Do I Believe in Hell? Dangerous Question #4: Does Christianity Matter? Dangerous Question #5: Do I Believe That God Wants to Use My Life? Dangerous Question #6: Whose Agenda Will I Live By? Don't be fooled. Borthwick's questions may seem obvious. But have you really thought about your answers to them before? Have you thought through how your answers are connected to work, family, money, friends, or education? Don't panic. Answering the questions Borthwick poses won't result in your immediate departure for the jungle or the desert--probably. But answering will very likely cause you to reorder your priorities, refocus your interests and even change your everyday choices: what to read, what to buy, what to do over the weekend. That's why reading this book is dangerous. But, then, Jesus never promised that following him would be risk-free. Only that there would be joy.

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  • Publish Year: 1996
  • ISBN: 9780830816859
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