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Seamen’s Missions

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Table of Contents

Preface & Acknowledgments

Part I The Set Time To Favour Sailors

  • 1- The Prelude: Early Forms of Ministry to Seafarers
  • 2- The Context: Factors Heralding a New Enterprise

Part II Floating Hells and Fighting Methodists

  • 3- The Precursor: the Naval and Military Bible Society
  • 4- The New Scene: Spiritual Stirrings in the Navy
  • 5- The Coadjutor:  George Charles Smith

Part III Birth of the Bethel Movement

  • 6- The Marine Bible Societies
  • 7- The Thames Revival
  • 8- The Floating Chapel

Part IV Peace And War

  • 9- Metropolitan Expansion
  • 10- Provincial Beginnings
  • 11- Early Foreign Outreach
  • 12- Conflict in the Metropolis

Part V Crimps And Crusaders

  • 13- Early Anglican Endeavors
  • 14- New Coadjutors and a Wider Field of Mission
  • 15- Expanding Literary Media Distribution
  • 16- An Emerging Maritime Diaconate

Part VI Final Formative Years

  • 17- Continuing Nondenominational Activity
  • 18- New Denominational Organizations

Part VII A Sort Of Simultaneous Movement

  • 19- Toward an American Metropolitan Society (1818-28)
  • 20- Toward an American National Society (1818-28)
  • 21- Toward an American Mulit-denominationalism (1828-64)

Part VIII  Maritime Missiology

  • 22- Motivation for Maritime Mission
  • 23- Objectives of Maritime Mission
  • 24- Impediments to Maritime Mission
  • 25- Methodology of Maritime Mission






Format: Display Copy
by: Roald Kverndal (Author)
This marvelous book gives the definitive history of the beginnings of ministry to seafarers, covering events during the 18th and 19th centuries. The author reveals the social and political conditions that led to the establishment of missions and ministries to the forgotten and mistreated men of the sea. Over 900 pages of fascinating history with numerous period illustrations.

Additional Details

  • Pages: 902
  • Publisher: William Carey Library
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Publish Year: 1986