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Releasing the Workers of the Eleventh Hour

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Table of Contents

Introduction: the Parable of the Vineyard
The Parable of the Vineyard
The Vineyard of Mission History

Part I: The Workers of the Eleventh Hour

  • 1. They Have a New Face
  • 2. They are Led by Their Own Visionaries
  • 3. They are Sent by Their Own Structures
  • 4. They are Proximate to Unreached Peoples
  • 5. They are Tentmakers

Part II: Their Strategies for Kingdom Breakthrough

  • 6. Contextualization
  • 7. Addressing  the Roots of Human Problems
  • 8. Focus on Mega-Cities

Part III: Their Partnership Models

  • 9. Roles of the Global North
  • 10. Partnership Models for the Eleventh Hour

Index of Tables and Graphs

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by: Ben Naja (Author)
Thousands of fields are ripe for harvest and God is doing something new in the history of missions: He has prepared new workers in the Global South (primarily Africa and Asia) to bring in His worldwide harvest. They have already begun working in the harvest field, but now are ready to be unleashed in multitudes. This book examines what these end-time workers look like, proposes strategies for their effectiveness and suggests how other harvesters can partner with them.

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