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New Light From the Ancient Greek Bible: A Strong's-indexed edition of George Morrish's, A concordance of the Septuagint

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George Morrish (Author)
A stubborn problem in trying to understand the vocabulary of the Greek New Testament is the simple fact that over three out of ten of the words (1910 out of 5496, or 35%) occur just once. This book allows you to find additional occurrences of 63% or 1201 of these words in the Greek Old Testament. Due to the fact that the Greek Old Testament was "the Bible of the early church," precisely the writers of the Greek New Testament, this additional light thrown on the New Testament vocabulary is the most reliable and useful.

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  • Publisher: William Carey International University Press
  • Publish Year: 1998
  • ISBN: 9780865850019
  • Vendor: MRC